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How to improve inventory forecasting & replenishment

4 min read

Stock availability and speed of delivery are key factors for businesses in both B2B and B2C marketplaces. If you can help your customers meet their customers’ expectations, in terms of convenience, choice and price, you’ll become their long-term ‘go-to’ supply chain partner. Efficient inventory forecasting and replenishment processes are key...Read more

The causes of excess inventory

4 min read

In some of our recent blog posts we’ve looked at the disadvantages of carrying excess inventory and how to reduce excess inventory. Below we’re going to investigate why businesses end up with too much stock in the first place and why they get caught out by excess inventory traps. But...Read more

The key to effective inventory replenishment planning

3 min read

UK businesses are under constant pressure to improve operational efficiency and service levels. All stages of the supply chain, from manufacturing to retail, rely on effective inventory replenishment planning to ensure the right items are in stock to meet demand. Customers want their goods without delay, meaning order lead times...Read more

What are the disadvantages of excess inventory?

3 min read

Excess inventory is when a business carries more stock than they need to meet their forecasted demand. This can cause a wealth of operational challenges and financial constraints. In this blog post we will look at the most problematic. But before we do, lets clear up a few myths: Myth one:...Read more

Effective stock replenishment: why you need it & how…

4 min read

Stock replenishment is an important aspect of inventory management, as it ensures the right stock items are being reordered to meet customer demand. Stock, or inventory replenishment is the process of moving items along the supply chain, so they are ready to be picked and shipped, thus fulfiling orders on...Read more

5 inventory replenishment methods that increase profits

5 min read

Inventory replenishment is the process of moving stock items along the supply chain to ensure inventory levels are sufficient to cover demand. Effective inventory replenishment processes ensure that order fill rates can be achieved whilst keeping inventory carrying costs under control. Any business that carries inventory needs to avoid stockouts...Read more