Multi-location inventory management

Multi-location redistribution capabilities enable automatic replenishment via the transfer of stock between warehouse locations, lowering both the requirement to purchase additional inventory and system-wide stock levels.

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What is multi-location inventory management?

Managing inventory in one warehouse can be tricky, but having more than one opens up multiple opportunities for things to go wrong! When you operate out of multiple locations, you can’t effectively monitor and manage your items if you don’t have a unified inventory view.

If you have poor inventory management and aren’t optimising your inventory, managing multiple locations and warehouses will become messy. If each warehouse has its own way of operating, you could be trying to manage conflicting systems.

Even if you know what’s in each warehouse, how do you know if they’re the right items? You could end up with too much stock in some and not enough in others. You might have bottlenecks, frustrated staff and even more frustrated customers.

Managing inventory at multiple locations doesn’t have to be challenging. EazyStock’s machine learning algorithms and calculations ensures you have optimal levels of the right stock in the right place every time. With smart, multi-location functionality, it helps prevent stockouts, makes the best use of warehouse space and keeps overall inventory levels to a minimum.

You’ll get more accurate, efficient and transparent order fulfilment, making you and your teams happier.


One single inventory view

To manage inventory across multiple locations, you need a synchronised view of your inventory levels and reordering requirements across every stock location.

EazyStock can collect stock data from your ERP or business systems to provide one centralised, aggregated view of your stock levels and replenishment requirements.

With this new level of transparency, you can make more informed inventory management and purchasing decisions to ensure you have the items you need to keep your customers happy.

Multi-location inventory re-distribution

When making order recommendations, EazyStock automatically identifies where locations have excess stock due to low demand and suggests re-distributing them to help fulfil orders elsewhere.

This means you can make the best use of your inventory by using up excess inventory already in your business before ordering new stock. Not only will you reduce inventory levels across each site, but you’ll also be able to use valuable warehouse space much more efficiently.

Multi-location forecasting

EazyStock’s flexible hub and spoke forecasting framework can stop over-inflated ordering and inventory build-up when forecasting for multiple stock locations. A hub and spoke framework uses a bicycle wheel as inspiration, meaning EazyStock uses a warehouse as a central hub and forecasts the demand needed at each spoke, which indicates a different warehouse or distribution centre that needs stock.

The framework means you can combine the demand from each spoke to create one central forecast or produce separate forecasts for each spoke (considering local adjustments) and aggregate them together.


Virtual warehouses

Sometimes an item’s demand from a single warehouse is too low or sporadic to justify carrying it. However, if the item is ‘business critical’, or there is higher demand across the region as a whole, it becomes worthwhile to stock.

EazyStock’s virtual warehousing functionality allows you to aggregate demand across multiple stock locations by applying inventory pooling techniques. These locations then act together as a virtual warehouse. This enables you to meet regional demand while keeping inventory levels as low as possible.

Multiply your inventory efficiency

Simplify multi-location inventory management and optimise stock across all warehouses with a unified view, redistribution strategies, advanced forecasting, and virtual warehousing.
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Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting. Our best-in-breed algorithms generate highly accurate forecasts that account for seasonality, demand trends and promotions.

Sales promotion forecasting

EazyStock’s sales promotion functionality allows you to add campaigns to your demand forecasts for optimum forecasting accuracy.

Seasonal demand forecasting

With EazyStock’s seasonal demand forecasting functionality, you can ensure you have the right items on your shelves to maximise sales opportunities while preventing a build-up of excess stock when the season ends.

AI-powered inventory optimisation software

Powered by AI, EazyStock improves demand forecast accuracy while the AI Help Assistant gives you more control of your inventory.