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Cutwel found that “EazyStock paid for itself in just over a month and a half”. Switching spreadsheets for inventory optimisation has reduced stockouts and carriage while increasing sales. Find out what you could save with EazyStock.

Total annual savings
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Stock holding cost​

Potential stock holding cost savings​

Current stock value​
Move the slider or enter the approximate value of your stock​
Stock reduction​
We’ve set the slider to 15% as EazyStock customers typically lower their moving (non-obsolete) inventory by 15-30% over time. You can move this if you want to.
Stock holding cost
Move the slider or enter your approximate cost of holding inventory. This should include warehouse costs, insurance, administration, etc. We’ve set this at 22%, as stock holding cost is benchmarked at between 15-25% of stock value. You can move this if you want to. ​
Annual stock holding costs savings

Decreased obsolete stock

Potential reduced obsolete stock

Current obsolete stock
This is the approximate value of your stock that is obsolete or unsaleable as a percentage of your total inventory value.
Reduced obsolete stock
EazyStock avoids refilling items that have become obsolete. EazyStock customers can expect obsolete stock levels to reduce by around 25%.
Annual reduced obsolete stock savings

Reduced rush orders

Potential reduced rush order savings

Current costs of rush orders
This is how much you approximately spend on last-minute rush orders
Rush order reduction
By letting EazyStock calculate reorder points, optimal order quantities, safety stock levels, and more, you’ll be in control of your reordering, which should reduce the need for rush orders, saving you money.
Annual reduced rush order savings

Reduced administration cost

Potential administration cost savings

Current number of suppliers
This is how many suppliers you currently work with
Annual personnel costs
This is how much you pay in salaries, insurance and pensions, etc.
Reduced administration costs
As EazyStock automates time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes, you’ll see administration costs reduce so that you can spend time on other business-critical tasks
Annual administration cost savings