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EazyStock increases inventory planner productivity by using AI and machine learning to bring intelligent automation to any ERP system to forecast demand and replenishment better.

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Order management software for businesses

Order management is two-fold. When you receive a customer order, you need to ensure you have enough stock to meet that order. That’s only possible if you have a robust inventory management system and hold the stock you need to meet forecasted demand.

Trying to manage both sides of the ordering coin can be tricky to do manually, especially when managing hundreds or thousands of stock items. Luckily, EazyStock’s inventory optimisation software can help.


order management software

EazyStock’s cloud-based inventory optimisation software connects to your ERP and uses AI to automate the manual processes of forecasting demand and calculating the order quantities you need to meet that demand. You can schedule supplier orders and use the order fill-up function to ensure you don’t waste space in your shipping containers.

As EazyStock manages by exception, you can review your order proposals or simply import them into your ERP to raise the orders.

Using EazyStock’s AI functionality to add automation to your business frees up your time for more strategic tasks and reduces the risk of errors so that you can be confident in your ordering.

Multichannel order management

It can be tricky to keep track of customer orders as they come in from various sources and channels, so you’ll need a common tracking system to ensure you have enough of each item to fulfil every sale.

EazyStock provides a single view of product availability regardless of the ordering channel, reducing the risk of overselling and errors. You can also ask EazyStock’s AI Help Assistant more detailed questions, so you maintain control of your inventory. Using EazyStock, you can ensure orders are processed accurately and develop an optimal workflow for all incoming orders.

From chaos to clarity

Ensure stock availability and customer satisfaction when you master the art of order management with EazyStock.
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Automated inventory replenishment

EazyStock connects to ERPs and WMS to remove manual forecasting and replenishment calculations, reducing errors speeding up the process.

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