Piles of coins of different heights on a blue background with light shining on the two of the piles 5 inventory reduction methods to deliver cost savings

5 cost-saving inventory reduction techniques

For businesses that carry non-perishable goods, it’s tempting to order and carry surplus stock to help meet market demand and...

A white notebook on top of a brown, cardboar, side spiral-bound notebook at an angle with a pencil on top. There's a pair of black framed glasses at the top of the shot and a cactus in a green plant point partly in the top left corner. The background is yellow. An introduction to quantitative and qualitative inventory forecasting models

An introduction to quantitative and qualitative demand forecasting models

What is demand forecasting? Demand forecasting is the process of predicting future customer demand for your products to help with...

Ein roter Hintergrund mit Holzblöcken, die mit A, B und C gekennzeichnet sind. Das A ist in Rot mit einem roten Rand, das B ist in Gelb mit einem gelben Rand und das C ist in Blau mit einem blauen Rand ABC-Analyse ABC XYZ

An explanation of ABC XYZ inventory analysis and why it adds value

In previous posts, we’ve discussed the benefits of ABC classification models and how to use them to improve inventory control...

A dark wooden table with three wooden ABC blocks on their sides. The A is outlined in red, the B is outlines in orange and the C is outlined in blue. Just below them is a wooden abacus lying flat on the table with 1 2 3 4 5 etched into the top and rows of beads in red and yellow partly visible and green and orange rows partly visible.

How to calculate ABC classification – a working example

What is ABC analysis/ABC classification? Inventory management teams use ABC classification (also called ABC analysis) to help identify the most...

A yellow background with three red, wooden blocks stacked on top of each other haphazardly the top one has a pink A, the middle one has a pale blue B and the bottom one has a yellow c ABC analysis in stock management

Importance of ABC analysis in inventory management

ABC analysis in inventory management Managing thousands of stock items from various suppliers and delivering them to an extensive customer...


EazyStock welcomes Hazchem Safety Ltd as a new client 

EazyStock, a leader in supply chain optimisation and purchasing solutions, is proud to announce that Hazchem Safety Ltd, a leading...

Different-sized cardboard boxes on conveyor rollers ready to be shipped by courier for distribution in warehouse. How to improve inventory turnover

How to improve inventory turnover – six simple steps

The benefits of improving your inventory turnover If you carry a lot of stock items, you’ll likely have a significant...


Leveraging inventory strategy in the CBAM era—Featuring insights from Paul Gordon, Olympic Fixings

 What is CBAM?  In pursuing a greener future, the European Union’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) has emerged, redefining the...

Traditional red Chinese New Year lanterns for Chinese New Year supply chain disruptions

Inventory planning to reduce Chinese New Year disruption

Smart inventory managers plan for Chinese New Year many months before the event. The more prepared you are, the greater...

Closeup of multiple cardboard box packages seamlessly moving along a conveyor belt in a warehouse fulfilment centre using stockturn to optimise your inventory

Using stock turn rate to optimise your inventory management

For many businesses looking to improve their inventory management, a critical KPI is stock turn rate. Stock turn rate is...

A robot hand placing a circular wooden block into a circular hole in a wooden box
Artificial intelligence

5 Benefits of artificial intelligence in supply chain management

As global supply chains become more complex, disruption in one link can significantly impact other areas. Therefore, it is essential...

chain on a city background building supply chain resilience

Five steps to building a resilient supply chain

In the face of unprecedented global events that have posed significant challenges to businesses across the supply chain, the importance...