How to stop stockouts with better inventory management

4 min read

Since the coronavirus pandemic took hold, businesses across the globe have faced stock availability challenges. Delays at manufacturing sites, container shortages and a lack of raw material have all led to stockouts. These issues have arguably been compounded by Brexit causing increased bureaucracy and a lack of HGV drivers making...Read more

Reorder point planning – how to calculate reorder points

5 min read

“Sorry, that product is out of stock” is a phrase that no one wants to hear – whether you’re the customer or the seller!  A few years ago it might have been okay for customers to wait a few days for their goods to come back into stock, but in...Read more

Automation Hero October 2021: TerraSana

2 min read

Wouter van der Zwaan is this October’s Automation Hero! Wouter recently implemented EazyStock at TerraSana Natuurvoeding BV, integrating it with their ERP system. He is already seeing the benefits of EazyStock’s automated inventory management calculations. That’s why he gets the accolade this month! Name: Wouter van der Zwaan Title: Finance...Read more

Managing the impact of supply chain disruption

6 min read

As globalisation encourages supplier networks to extend across the world, the likelihood of supply chain disruption increases. Supply chain disruption is when events, sometimes planned, sometimes unpredictable, affect the supply of inventory. Often, if not dealt with effectively, it can make it challenging to fullfil orders on time and, as...Read more

8 warning signs you need to improve demand and…

4 min read

Many inventory planners find that their current processes are sufficient for basic tasks, such as ordering, processing and tracking stock items across their business. However, when it comes to carrying out more sophisticated tasks, such as forecasting demand, classifying stock and setting replenishment rules, many begin to experience problems. Are...Read more

5 ways to minimise cyber security threats to your…

4 min read

Supply chain cyber security is a growing concern for many businesses – unsurprising, given the increasing number of digital breaches that make the news. Recent examples include the DarkSide cyber attack of Colonial Pipeline in May 2021, which was only resolved once the hackers were paid $5 million in ransom....Read more