How to improve Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s inventory…

6 min read

Dynamics 365 Business Central, or Dynamics BC, is Microsoft’s newest ERP to the market. Predominantly based on the functionality of Dynamics NAV, it’s easily connected with Microsoft’s other solutions from the 365 software suite, to provide a fully integrated business system. Dynamics Business Central has primarily been developed for the...Read more

How does ecommerce affect inventory management?

4 min read

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing phenomenon across the globe. In 2020 UK online sales hit 27.5% of total sales with the Coronavirus pandemic driving many people to shop from home, But it’s not just the B2C sector experiencing rapid growth. B2B ecommerce sales have also accelerated due to Covid-19, with...Read more

How to optimise inventory management for ecommerce

5 min read

The growth of ecommerce in 2020 has been phenomenal, as more customers, B2B and B2C alike, shopped online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In Q3 of 2020 Amazon reported sales up 37% year-on-year, with eBay close behind on 25%. In June 2020 a UK study revealed that almost half (46%)...Read more

Safety stock calculations: How to calculate safety stock

5 min read

Determining appropriate levels of stock across a business can be very challenging. If you carry too much inventory, you risk tying-up much needed working capital. But if you don’t carry enough, you face stock-outs and reduced service levels. An important piece of this puzzle is to accurately calculate safety stock levels. Safety...Read more

Automation Hero December 2020: Brand Masters

2 min read

Julie Kehrens, Manager of the Account Support Team at Brand Masters has put significant effort into implementing EazyStock in her company. Not only she has been heading up the implementation, but she has had a big influence on updating processes within Brand Masters. Combining EazyStock with a new strategy and...Read more

A ‘no fail’ approach to supply chain planning for…

4 min read

2021 is set to be another tough year for supply chain management teams. Effective supply chain planning is more critical than ever to overcome challenges such as Covid-19 and Brexit, together with global and local economic and political uncertainty. Here’s our three-step, no-fail approach to resilient supply chain planning. We...Read more