Inventory optimisation software

EazyStock’s enterprise-class optimisation tools use AI and machine learning to help companies reduce inventory and working capital costs to free up cash flow to accelerate business growth.

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Benefits of inventory optimisation

The global trading landscape remains increasingly uncertain, with almost daily economic, political and social change. So, how do you ensure you can stay competitive? You could enhance your online customer experience or upgrade your ERP system.

However, it’s vital to ensure you can continue to meet demand by having the right products when needed without unnecessarily tying up excess capital. Also known as inventory optimisation.

Inventory optimisation balances high service levels with the lowest possible inventory investment. It allows you to ensure product availability while reducing inventory costs and minimising the risk of excess stock.

This is done by forecasting demand and managing supply variables while adjusting stock rules and inventory parameters dynamically.

How do you optimise inventory?

There are three stages to inventory optimisation:

inventory optimisation
  • Demand forecasting
    Using the relevant algorithms for demand types of each item depending on its place in the product lifecycle while accounting for seasonality, trends and promotions.
  • Stocking policies
    Prioritising the stock you carry so you hold more of the items important to your business by using stock classification such as ABC analysis. Using multi-location inventory planning to distribute your inventory where it is needed across your warehouses.
  • Replenishment
    The final step to perfecting your inventory optimisation process is getting your replenishment calculations and automatic daily order proposals in order. By optimising your replenishment processes, you will have the right products to meet expected demand and be able to carry sufficient safety stock to meet unexpected demand without the cost of holding excess stock.

What is inventory optimisation software?

Undertaking inventory optimisation methodology without the right tools can prove complex and time-consuming. While most ERP platforms and warehouse management systems (WMS) offer good inventory management functionality, few provide inventory optimisation capabilities – and they’re basic at best.

More and more stock-holding businesses are turning to AI-powered inventory optimisation software like EazyStock, which can be easily integrated with their existing ERP to offer a more advanced solution.

Forget complex and manual calculations; let automation change your inventory management world. EazyStock uses AI and machine learning to calculate your minimum and maximum stock levels, reorder points, optimal order quantities, safety stock levels and more. Who doesn’t want to improve stock availability, delight customers and avoid lost sales?

Why manage when you can optimise?

Level up your inventory management game with EazyStock. Harness real-time data, fine-tune stock rules, and dynamically adjust inventory parameters to improve availability and reduce costs.
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