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Overcoming minimum order quantity (MOQ) challenges

5 min read

ABC, ERP, EOQ, JIT…acronyms are everywhere in inventory and supply chain management, including MOQ. So what does MOQ mean? MOQ means minimum order quantity. A minimum order quantity is the lowest amount a supplier will accept for an order, which can be units, value or weight. MOQs can be for...Read more

Overcoming Black Friday purchasing and warehouse challenges

4 min read

Black Friday, 25 November, is one of the year’s biggest shopping days when physical stores and e-commerce tempt shoppers with their offers. For the past ten years, Black Friday has seen sales increase annually and is one of the most important sales occasions of the year. The surrounding days are...Read more

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in supply chain management

5 min read

As global supply chains become more complex, disruption in one link in the chain can significantly impact other areas. Having systems and processes in place to reduce the possibility and subsequent impact of supply chain issues is extremely important. Advancing technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, make connectivity...Read more

How to develop an effective supply chain strategy

5 min read

A supply chain strategy explains how a company plans to bring goods into the business and get them out to customers as effectively as possible. Considering every phase in the supply chain, such as sourcing goods, logistics and delivery, the strategy optimises operations to reduce costs and maximise profits. Supply...Read more

How to successfully implement just-in-case inventory management

6 min read

In the early 1980s, just in time supply chain management emerged as a way for businesses to reduce stock levels and only hold items that were needed to fulfil known orders. In recent years, and particularly since the coronavirus pandemic, just-in-case (JIC) supply chain management has become more popular. This...Read more

Shipping container shortages and how to better manage your…

3 min read

The effects of COVID-19 on global supply chains have been far-reaching. In particular, the shipping industry has been hit due to the displacement of containers blocking ports and causing global shortages. Many UK businesses continue to be affected by longer lead times, which are made worse by global lockdown regulations,...Read more