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How to develop an effective supply chain strategy

4 min read

A supply chain strategy explains how a company plans to bring goods into the business and get them out to customers as effectively as possible. Considering every phase in the supply chain, such as sourcing goods, logistics and delivery, the strategy optimises operations to reduce costs and maximise profits. Supply...Read more

How to successfully implement just-in-case inventory management

5 min read

In the early 1980s, just in time supply chain management emerged as a way for businesses to reduce stock levels and only hold items that were needed to fulfil known orders. In recent years, and particularly since the coronavirus pandemic, just-in-case (JIC) supply chain management has become more popular. This...Read more

Shipping container shortages and how to better manage your…

2 min read

The effects of COVID-19 on global supply chains have been far-reaching. In particular, the shipping industry has been hit due to the displacement of containers blocking ports and causing global shortages. Many UK businesses continue to be affected by longer lead times, which are made worse by global lockdown regulations,...Read more

What are the fundamental differences between just-in-time and just-in-case…

3 min read

For years companies have operated a just-in-time (JIT) supply chain model, only ordering stock items when necessary and carrying minimal inventory to reduce carrying costs. The pandemic and Brexit have led to various global supply chain issues, such as increased demand volatility and troubles with stock availability. This has seen...Read more

How to optimise inventory management for ecommerce

5 min read

Since the coronavirus pandemic, the growth in ecommerce sales has been phenomenal.  But if you think this is just in the B2C marketplace then think again! A recent report by Digital Commerce 360 showed that online sales on B2B ecommerce sites, log-in portals and marketplaces increased 17.8% from $1.39 trillion...Read more

How to calculate safety stock (the right way)

5 min read

Determining appropriate levels of stock across a business can be very challenging. If you carry too much inventory, you risk tying-up much needed working capital. But if you don’t carry enough, you face stockouts and reduced service levels. An important piece of this puzzle is to accurately calculate safety stock...Read more