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These SMEs have increased their revenue while reducing their inventory – also known as inventory optimisation – using EazyStock.

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Revolutionise your inventory management with AI

EazyStock now uses AI to take demand forecasting and stock replenishment to a new level with additional support from the EazyStock AI Help Assistant. 

If you’re looking for ways to improve your stock availability to meet demand or reduce inventory levels, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re struggling with spreadsheets, drowning in excess stock or spending a fortune on rush orders to meet unexpected demand, EazyStock can help.

EazyStock is cloud-based inventory optimisation software that connects to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) or existing business system. Once connected, EazyStock automates time-consuming and inaccurate manual processes to improve demand forecast accuracy and take your inventory management to the next level.

EazyStock does this through four simple stages: Connect, Forecast, Optimise and Order.

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Get started in no time! Quickly connect EazyStock to your ERP. Let your dedicated customer success manager show you how to get the best from EazyStock – from day one.

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Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting. Our best-of-breed, machine-learning-powered algorithms generate highly accurate forecasts that account for seasonality, demand trends and promotions.

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Automatically calculate your minimum and maximum stock levels without tying up unnecessary cash. Let EazyStock calculate reorder points, optimal order quantities, safety stock levels and more. Improve stock availability, delight your customers and avoid lost sales.

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Purchase with confidence. EazyStock automatically calculates order quantities so you get what you need at the right time. Schedule supplier orders and use the order fill-up to function to fill up shipping containers. Then, simply review your order proposals and click to confirm.

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