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How do rising interest rates and inflation affect global…

6 min read

Supply chain managers and inventory management professionals face a constant barrage of supply-chain crises, with one always waiting around the corner. With every crisis comes the potential for supply chain disruption that can cause chaos for stock-holding businesses. Our eGuide, Supply chain and logistics management trends for 2023, looks at...Read more

Winning tactics for stockholding companies during an economic downturn

5 min read

Companies that use the right strategies in purchasing and logistics can gain advantages during these unique, uncertain times and, during the return “to normal,” have a greater competitive advantage and continued growth. As the global world economy has continued to recover completely from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and...Read more

Why cutting software budgets now could cost you money…

4 min read

As we navigate a cost-of-living crisis that has seen prices and inflation soar, budgets are becoming tighter at home and work. To prevent drastic decreases in profitability or increases in debt, finance teams are scrutinising budgets and balance sheets to find areas to cut to make savings. Changes in business...Read more

Why is inventory optimisation better than inventory management?

6 min read

Inventory optimisation is an often-misunderstood term. It isn’t just a fancy way of saying inventory management; it’s a way to elevate it. Here, we introduce inventory optimisation, explain what it involves and why you need it in your inventory management life. If you’re managing inventory, your focus will be ordering,...Read more

Overcoming Black Friday purchasing and warehouse challenges

4 min read

Black Friday, 25 November, is one of the year’s biggest shopping days when physical stores and e-commerce tempt shoppers with their offers. For the past ten years, Black Friday has seen sales increase annually and is one of the most important sales occasions of the year. The surrounding days are...Read more

Big data and inventory management

4 min read

All successful businesses use data to develop strategies and review their outcomes. But as the number of systems being used increases, the amount of data available for consumption and analysis grows exponentially. This is especially true in inventory management, where new technologies are being introduced all the time, and along...Read more