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A ‘no fail’ approach to supply chain planning for…

4 min read

2021 is set to be another tough year for supply chain management teams. Effective supply chain planning is more critical than ever to overcome challenges such as Covid-19 and Brexit, together with global and local economic and political uncertainty. Here’s our three-step, no-fail approach to resilient supply chain planning. We...Read more

Coronavirus series part 4 – Managing supply chain disruption…

4 min read

In our four-part-blog series on coronavirus and its impact on inventory management we’ve so far looked at how to overcome Covid-19 demand forecasting challenges and improving inventory planning during the pandemic. Now we’re going to focus on mitigating the risks of supply chain disruption as we move in and out...Read more

Coronavirus series part 3 – Improving inventory planning during…

5 min read

In this four-part blog series we look at the impact Covid-19 is having on supply chains and how inventory optimisation software can help. So far we’ve discussed how to overcome demand forecasting challenges due to the coronavirus. In this post we focus on inventory planning and how to optimise stock...Read more

Coronavirus blog series – Inventory management challenges & solutions

6 min read

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted many weaknesses in supply chains across the globe. Common challenges include unpredictable customer behaviour, unreliable inventory supplies, rising logistical costs and internal capacity constraints. It’s apparent that those supply chain management (SCM) teams that have been able to adapt their operations and respond quickly to...Read more

How does ecommerce affect inventory management?

4 min read

Ecommerce is a rapidly growing phenomenon across the globe. In 2020 UK online sales hit 27.5% of total sales with the Coronavirus pandemic driving many people to shop from home, But it’s not just the B2C sector experiencing rapid growth. B2B ecommerce sales have also accelerated due to Covid-19, with...Read more

How to reduce Brexit’s impact on your supply chain

5 min read

Right now, UK businesses are dealing with unprecedented times. The economic, social and political landscape in the UK is more uncertain than ever as we move into 2021. Not only have businesses got to deal with the impact of Covid-19, but they are also being urged by the Government to...Read more