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How To Improve Stock Availability

How To Improve Stock Availability

4 min read

The global marketplace is constantly evolving due to political, economic, technological and social factors. As small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) try to remain competitive, many are coming up against inventory management challenges. In this three-part blog series we’re looking at three of the most common inventory management issues faced by...Read more

Find the Right Economic Order Quantity

How to Find the Right Economic Order Quantity

5 min read

Economic order quantity (EOQ) concerns the most cost-efficient method of ordering stock. The objective is to find the order quantity that minimizes the total inventory holding costs and ordering costs. Holding costs (otherwise known as carrying costs) are the costs to store the inventory and include the storage space, rent,...Read more

How to Manage Inventory in a Growing Business

How to Manage Inventory in a Growing Business

4 min read

At EazyStock we talk to a lot of small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who are struggling to effectively manage their inventory. Three common causes for this are: Complex supply chains as businesses rely on a vast network of manufacturers, distributors and retailers Expanding product portfolios due to business growth and...Read more

8 Signs You Need Inventory Planning and Replenishment Automation

8 Signs You Need Inventory Planning Software

4 min read

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms are a big investment for any organization. They also take a lot of time and resources to design, customize and implement. But once they’re up and running, there’s no doubt they offer a wealth of benefits, including streamlined processes, improved productivity, centralized data and better...Read more

Inventory Management Challenges

How to Overcome Inventory Management Challenges: Supply Chain Complexity

3 min read

We all know that marketplaces are constantly changing. For starters, the international trading landscape is more uncertain than ever. In addition, eCommerce is driving increased competition from traders across the globe, both large and small. And with customers being more demanding and more vocal about their experiences, the need to...Read more

Manage Obsolete Stock Inventory

How to Manage Obsolete Stock in Your Inventory

2 min read

Obsolete Stock is a term that refers to inventory that has reached the end of its product life cycle. In this stage of the product life cycle, there is no market demand for the product. Companies that have not accurately forecasted a decline in demand or effectively reduced their stock...Read more