Coronavirus series part 3 – Improving inventory planning during…

5 min read

In this four-part blog series we look at the impact Covid-19 has had on supply chains and how inventory optimisation software can help. So far we’ve discussed how to overcome demand forecasting challenges due to the coronavirus. In this post we focus on inventory planning and how to optimise stock...Read more

Coronavirus series part 2 – Overcoming demand forecasting challenges…

5 min read

Covid-19 has had a profound impact on global marketplaces, with customer demand and inventory supply more erratic and complex than ever before. The effects of Covid-19 has put supply chain management (SCM) teams well and truly in the spotlight, as they play a crucial role in ensuring business continuity for...Read more

Coronavirus blog series – Inventory management challenges & solutions

6 min read

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted many weaknesses in supply chains across the globe. Common challenges include unpredictable customer behaviour, unreliable inventory supplies, rising logistical costs and internal capacity constraints. It’s already apparent that those supply chain management (SCM) teams that can adapt their operations and respond quickly to these issues...Read more

Why Covid-19 is the new driving force behind supply…

5 min read

  For many businesses the spread of coronavirus has acted as a catalyst and accelerator to digitalisation. Manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers across the UK have been forced to adopt new ways of working with social distancing closing offices and reducing operational capacity. At the same time, companies are dealing with...Read more

Automation Hero May 2020 – Ulf Larsson from Copiax

2 min read

Ulf Larsson, Purchasing Manager at Copiax, has vast experience in streamlining purchasing processes. With the introduction of automated workflows, he has been able to free-up time to focus on other areas of the business. That’s why he’s EazyStock’s Automation Hero for May!  Name: Ulf Larsson Title: Purchasing Manager Company: Copiax Congratulations...Read more

Product news update, April 2020

3 min read

Our developers are working hard everyday to ensure EazyStock is living up to your high expectations for advanced inventory optimisation. Here are some recently added features that make us extra proud. What’s new? Bill of materials, or BOM, is the components required to manufacture or assemble a product. The “forecasting...Read more