Automation Hero October 2021: TerraSana

2 min read

Wouter van der Zwaan, Finance and IT Manager at TerraSana Natuurvoeding BV, was looking for a solution to improve his company’s capabilities in terms of inventory optimization. After careful evaluation, TerraSana decided to integrate EazyStock with their existing ERP. EazyStock was rapidly implemented, and TerraSana quickly saw results. Now, instead...Read more

5 Ways to Minimize Cyber Security Threats to your…

4 min read

Supply chain cyber security is a growing concern for many businesses – unsurprising, given the increasing number of digital breaches that make the news. Recent examples include the DarkSide cyber attack of Colonial Pipeline in May 2021, which was only resolved once the hackers were paid $5 million in ransom....Read more

8 Best Inventory Demand Forecasting Techniques

5 min read

Demand forecasting techniques play a critical role in inventory management. If you can accurately forecast market demand, you can take action to ensure you hold the correct stock to maximize sales and profit. However, producing an accurate inventory demand forecast is no mean feat. In this post we uncover eight...Read more

A Guide to the Benefits of a Bill of…

4 min read

In its simplest form, a bill of materials (BOM) is a list of components, parts or materials required to manufacture, assemble or repair a product. A BOM is often hierarchical, with the finished product at the top and sub-items below. In inventory management a BOM is critical to ensure the...Read more

Bill of Materials Inventory management: How to improve BOM…

4 min read

When finished goods are built from a set of components, a Bill of Materials (BOM) is extremely useful for inventory management purposes. A bill of materials is usually associated with production planning in manufacturing, and is typically used in manufacturing software such as materials resource planning systems (MRPs). BOMs are...Read more

How to Calculate and Apply ABC Classification of Inventory

4 min read

If you’re wondering what is the best way to manage inventory with hundreds or even thousands of SKUs, you’ve found your answer: ABC classification (otherwise known as ABC analysis). In this post, we’re going to discuss how you can classify your inventory into three ABC categories and introduce the concept of...Read more