6 Inventory Control Techniques for Stock Optimization

6 min read

There are hundreds of inventory control blog posts on how to organize warehouses, track goods and pick and pack efficiently. So we thought we’d focus on the lesser known topic of ‘stock optimization’ – this is an inventory control technique that’s becoming more popular with inventory managers to improve the...Read more

Automation Hero September 2020: Simon Welander

3 min read

Simon Welander, Team Leader of Operations Planning at Blinkfyrar, has streamlined the ordering process at the company through EazyStock. With the help of inventory optimization, he has freed up time to continue developing other important processes at the company. That’s why he’s EazyStock’s Automation Hero in September! Name: Simon Welander...Read more

Calculating Forecast Accuracy & Forecast Error

3 min read

In supply chain management it’s important to be able to measure the accuracy of your demand forecasts. Inaccurate demand forecasting can lead to the accumulation of excess stock or the reverse: issues with product availability. Both are unwelcome problems for inventory planners! Ensuring demand forecasting accuracy should be a key...Read more

Automation Hero August 2020: Felix Kogler & Michael Schnepf…

2 min read

Systempilot is one of EazyStock’s most successful partners. Felix Kogler & Michael Schnepf, founders of Systempilot, help companies save time and grow their business by implementing digital solutions. That’s why they are EazyStock’s Automation Heroes for August! Names: Felix Kogler & Michael Schnepf Title: Head of Sales & Head of...Read more

5 Inventory Reduction Strategies to Drive Cost Savings

6 min read

For businesses that carry non-perishable goods it’s tempting to order and carry surplus stock to help meet market demand and hit order fulfillment targets. In some circumstances carrying excess stock can be a good thing: having all items in stock helps avoid costly back orders and keeps customers happy. However,...Read more

Automation Hero July 2020: Keri Potter from Central States…

3 min read

Keri Potter, Director of Supply Chain and Logistics at Central States Industrial (CSI), knows what her company needs to stay competitive. By selecting EazyStock, she takes care of the inventory for both CSI’s manufacturing and distribution operations. That’s why she’s EazyStock’s Automation Hero for July!  Name: Keri Potter Title: Director...Read more