Powerful demand forecasting software

Let EazyStock crunch the numbers and automate your demand forecasting to save you time and improve forecasting accuracy.

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Trusted by wholesalers, distributors, retailers and manufacturers globally

These stockholding companies have increased their revenue while reducing their inventory – also known as inventory optimisation – using EazyStock.

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Advanced demand forecasting made simple

EazyStock helps businesses of all sizes up their forecasting game – improving stock availability and preventing lost sales. EazyStock’s demand forecasting solution ensures reordering activity reflects upcoming demand – improving order fulfillment, without increasing investment in stock.

EazyStock’s demand forecasting continuously delivers accurate forecasts that take account of:

  • Seasonality
  • Trends
  • Demand volatility
  • Product life cycle stages
  • Promotional activity
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Easy to connect, implement and get started, with quick ROI

EazyStock inventory optimisation software will work seamlessly with your ERP seamlessly with your ERP . Add our dedicated Customer success managers into the mix, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t optimize your inventory sooner!

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Improve demand forecast accuracy

Let EazyStock crunch the numbers and automate your demand forecasting to save you time and improve forecasting accuracy . EazyStock’s forecasting algorithms enable you to track and understand demand volatility and adjust replenishment parameters as necessary.

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Optimize your inventory for better service

Let EazyStock crunch the numbers and pinpoint how to improve order fulfillment and do more with your capital. Increase revenue, eliminate stockouts and reduce excess stock levels by ensuring the right quantity of products when needed – with inventory optimazation .

Order the right products at the right time

EazyStock creates orders that make sense today, tomorrow and at year end – you simply review and send them. EazyStock increases inventory planner productivity by extending intelligent automation from any ERP system to forecast demand and replenishment better.

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Trusted by companies worldwide

Case studies

How inventory optimisation has transformed our customers inventory processes

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Discover data-driven forecasting that performs what a human or a spreadsheet can’t.
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