Inventory demand forecasting software

Unleash EazyStock’s world-leading algorithms to adapt replenishment parameters in real-time for optimal capital investment.

Discover how EazyStock’s demand forecasting solution empowers you to:

  • Forecast fluctuating demand with precision
  • Eliminate stock-outs and overstocks
  • Improve order efficiency and service levels
  • Track trends and changes in the market


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Accurate predict your stock need
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Advanced demand forecasting made simple

EazyStock helps businesses of all sizes up their forecasting game – improving stock availability and preventing lost sales. EazyStock’s is an inventory optimization and demand forecasting solution to ensure reordering activity reflects upcoming demand – improving order fulfillment, without increasing investment in stock.

Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting. Our best-in-breed algorithms generate highly accurate forecasts that account for seasonality, demand trends, and promotions.

Why do you need a software for demand forecasting?

Demand forecasting software is the foundation of any good inventory management strategy. Accurate demand forecasts help balance stock levels to prevent excess stock while ensuring you have product availability to keep customers happy and competitors at bay.

The more confident you are in your demand forecasting, the more confident you can be that you’re reaching your full sales potential and not missing out on sales revenue due to stockouts.

Cutwel makes predicting demand easy, with EazyStock

When we first started, we were ordering parts up to six times a month. Now the maximum we’re ordering is just up to three times a month…we’re saving from our largest supplier, about £1,500 per month. EazyStock paid for itself just after a month and a half.
Katie Ellis, Head of Operations and Procurement at Cutwel

EazyStock optimizes your inventory and forecasting game in 4 simple steps


Quickly connect EazyStock to your ERP. Your dedicated customer success manager will be with you from day one.


Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting.


Let EazyStock calculate reorder points, optimal order quantities, safety stock ro improve stock availability.
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Save time with automated orders and schedule supplier orders.

Demand forecasting software also allows you to:

  • track trends and changes in the market
  • improve order efficiency by reducing order frequency and rushed orders
  • build strong relationships with your suppliers by giving them more notice so they can plan to meet your delivery deadlines

Eliminate guesswork

Discover data-driven forecasting that performs what a human or a spreadsheet can’t and improve stock levels. Insights, trends & projections.
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