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Why do you need inventory optimization software?

Using spreadsheets or basic tools to calculate your inventory needs is time-consuming and often inaccurate. It’s also difficult to manage erratic market demand and supply chain volatility, which can lead to stockouts and super-stressed teams.

EazyStock inventory optimization software can help overcome these challenges.

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Work smarter with EazyStock

EazyStock makes it easier to accurately forecast, plan and order the right stock. By automating inventory calculations, you’ll have better data to make informed purchasing decisions and more time to achieve your supply chain goals.

  • Improve forecasting accuracy

    Generate accurate demand forecasts. EazyStock uses advanced statistical algorithms so that trends, seasonality and product lifecycle profiles are all accounted for in every forecast.

  • Carry the right stock

    Classify inventory items, set dynamic stocking policies and adjust stock levels based on a wide range of moving factors including forecasts, demand profiles and supplier lead times.

  • Automate everyday calculations

    Automatically calculate and adjust reorder points, order quantities and safety stock levels. Get optimized order proposals that feed back to your ERP or business system, ready for purchasing.

Our customer success story

Design Ready Controls looks ahead with inventory optimization

Design Ready Controls wanted a quick and accurate way to forecast demand for each of their 10,000+ parts that are used to assemble their control panels. EazyStock has made life much easier, doing calculations in the background so orders are now on time and customers kept happy.

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Unlock the boardroom benefits of inventory optimization

Optimizing inventory unlocks a wealth of benefits at every level of your business. EazyStock maximizes supply chain performance, accelerates growth and improves customer experiences.


Improve stock availability

Reduce the risk of stockouts to prevent lost sales or production downtime. Keep customers happy, protect your brand reputation and maximize profitability across your business.

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Boost efficiency

Let EazyStock do the math, so inventory teams can free up resources for tasks that matter. By working more efficiently, teams have more time to look after suppliers and deal with stock challenges.

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Optimize stock levels

Keep inventory levels optimized so you have enough to meet demand without over-stocking. Improve stock turnover, free up working capital and eliminate the risk of obsolescence.

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It’s easy to optimize!

Easy Optimization
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    Fast set up and ROI

    Connect EazyStock to your existing business system and see the benefits soon after integration. Because EazyStock is a cloud-based SaaS tool, it’s low-risk with little upfront investment and free software updates.

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    Free ongoing support

    Our dedicated Customer Success Managers show you how to get the most out of EazyStock – from day one. They’re always available to teach you new things and help you respond to supply chain challenges.

Integrate with the tools you use already

We have a host of ready-made ERP connectors or can set-up a new data integrations. EazyStock works hand-in-hand with existing systems for simple data flows, total transparency and optimum efficiency.

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