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Four wooden cogs of different sizes on a wooden table to show supply chain resilience and optimisation
Demand Forecasting

A guide to optimizing your supply chain

What does supply chain optimization mean? Put simply, supply chain optimization means using technology to get inventory to the right...

Multiple pins stuck into a light table connected with string to show supply chains

How to develop an effective supply chain strategy

What is a supply chain strategy? A supply chain strategy explains how a company will bring goods into the business...

Boxes on a low loader in the middle of an aisle in a warehouse with shelves either side stacked with boxes

Just-In-Case Inventory Management Strategy Explained

In the early 1980s, just in time supply chain management emerged as a way for businesses to reduce stock levels...

Brown boxes with small white labels in the top left corner all stacked on top of each other so you can only see boxes safety stock why safety stock is important

4 reasons for carrying safety stock inventory

You’re a manufacturer who is working on an order when you realize that you’re out of a necessary component due...

A wooden dice with a plus sign on one side and minus sign on the adjacent side on a wooden table next to a light blue wall what are the fundamental differences between jut-in-time and just-in-case stock control

What are the fundamental differences between just-in-time and just-in-case stock control?

JIT v JIC stock management For years companies have operated a just-in-time (JIT) supply chain model, only ordering stock items...

A variety of colourful shipping containers stacked in a shipping yard five high and at different heights with blue sky and white clouds

Container Inventory Management for Shipping Shortages Guide

The effects of COVID-19 on global supply chains have been far reaching. The shipping industry in particular has been hit...

Manual hydraulic lift in the foreground of an image of warehouse with shelving units behind slightly blurry

How to Prevent Stock Outs: 5 Methods To Reduce Stockouts

The current causes of stockouts Since the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, businesses across the globe have faced stock availability challenges....

Gold bars stacked three on the bottom, two in the middle and one on the top on a pink background to show a bell curve of a product lifecycle

The inventory planner’s guide to managing product life cycle

The product life cycle model is not only important to marketing teams and product managers; it’s also critical to any...

Forklift Tractor Loading Package Boxes into Cargo Container at a warehouse

Reorder point planning – how to calculate reorder points

What is reorder point planning? Reordering point planning involves calculating when stock levels hit a point at which it’s the...

A person using a laptop to buy something online holding a credit card in their left hand, typing with their right hand, on a light blue background. The laptop is at a right angle to the bottom on the image. Supply chain management for ecommerce success

Ecommerce Supply Chain: Benefits of Ecommerce Supply Chain

Supply chain management in eCommerce The growth of eCommerce in both the B2C and B2B sectors has bought a wealth...

A white pole with a white arrow road sign pointing left, just under a white arrow road sign pointing right. The left-facing arrow is on a red background, and the right-facing arrow is on a blue background. What's better? You ERP system or inventory optimisation software?

EazyStock vs your ERP: Who wins the inventory management battle?

One of the most common questions we receive is “We already have an ERP inventory module. Why do we need...

A variety of metal screws, fixtures and fittings all silver spread out standing up on a metal surface to show bill of materials

A guide to the benefits of a bill of materials (BOM)

What is a bill of materials (BOM)? In its simplest form, a bill of materials (BOM) is a list of...

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