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Our Vision and Mission

EazyStock is a powerful, easy to use, and easy to implement cloud-based inventory optimization solution. With our solution small and mid-sized companies can now automate all inventory planning and replenishment processes to maximize inventory potential. Our mission is to improve our customers’ competitiveness and financial performance. EazyStock achieves unmatched operational performance for our customers through delivering excellent service levels and exceeding their customers’ expectations heightened customer satisfaction while reducing overall operational costs across the supply chain. It all boils down to creating happier customers and delivering higher profit margins for our customers.

At EazyStock we strive to be the leading inventory management software provider, delivering the markets most powerful, easy to implement and easy to use solution for small and mid-sized durable goods wholesale, distributor and manufacturing companies.

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EazyStock is a cloud service from Syncron which was created based on the observation that the market lacked easy and affordable inventory management solutions suitable for small and mid-sized businesses. To meet this need we developed EazyStock which has been designed to optimize inventory management processes for all types of industry applications.

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Management Team

Syncron combines a passion for innovation, business process expertise, and a global collaborative workforce to deliver immediate and measurable improvements for our clients.

At the core of what drives us is one simple goal of delivering “Customer Success”. Putting the customer first is evident in the product we provide, our dedication to customer support, and the way we market and sell across almost all industries.

EazyStock is managed by a diverse management team with broad industry experience in Supply Chain Management and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution technology

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To be the best, work with the best

If you ask most Syncron employees why they decided to join the company, you’re likely to hear the answer, “because of the talented people”. We take pride in hiring the best people for each and every position in the company so our customers get access to the highest-quality products and best possible service.

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Our Partners

EazyStock’s business model includes both resellers and technology partners. We are always extending our partner network to ensure we extend best in class inventory management solutions and services for our customers and our partner’s customers.

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