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How do rising interest rates and inflation affect global…

6 min read

Supply chain managers and inventory management professionals face a constant barrage of supply chain crises, with one always waiting around the corner. With every crisis comes the potential for supply chain disruption that can cause chaos for stock-holding businesses. Our eGuide, Supply chain and logistics management trends for 2023, looks...Read more

Winning strategies for distributors and manufacturers during an economic…

5 min read

The right purchasing and logistics strategies give companies an edge during these unique, uncertain times and, during the return “to normal,” a greater competitive advantage and continued growth. As the global world economy has continued to recover completely from the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, and with a subsequent war...Read more

Why cutting software budgets now could cost you money…

4 min read

As we navigate a cost-of-living crisis that has seen prices and inflation soar, budgets are becoming tighter at home and work. To prevent drastic decreases in profitability or increases in debt, finance teams are scrutinizing budgets and balance sheets to find areas to cut to make savings. Changes in business...Read more

EazyStock for NetSuite has launched

3 min read

We can finally talk about it: EazyStock for NetSuite has officially launched. It’s available on SuiteApp right now. This is huge for us – and it’s huge for NetSuite users, too! NetSuite is the world’s number one cloud business management software suite, and we’re number one when it comes to inventory...Read more

Warehouse management systems (WMS) and their role in resilient…

4 min read

Since the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic hit businesses across the globe, supply chain digitalization has moved to the top of many boardroom agendas. As companies look to build resilient supply chains, they are turning to technology to mitigate the impact of future disruption. Many companies have invested in digital...Read more

The guide to distribution software

5 min read

When the cost of raw materials and finished goods starts to soar, it’s critical for wholesalers and distributors to control their operational costs to remain competitive and achieve decent profit margins. This is where supply chain digitalization projects can help to automate simple processes, improve efficiency and save money. There...Read more