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Overcoming minimum order quantity (MOQ) challenges

5 min read

ABC, ERP, EOQ, JIT… acronyms are everywhere in inventory and supply chain management – including MOQ. So what does MOQ mean?   MOQ means minimum order quantity. A minimum order quantity is the lowest amount a supplier will accept for an order, which can be units, value or weight. MOQs...Read more

How do you forecast lumpy demand?

3 min read

Inventory demand forecasting is how companies predict customer demand for an inventory item over a defined period. Accurate inventory demand forecasting enables a company to hold the right amount of stock, without over- or under-stocking, for optimum inventory control. Historical data trends and market knowledge of how demand can fluctuate...Read more

The fundamentals of demand planning and forecasting

5 min read

Demand planning is part of a company’s planning strategy to allocate resources in the best and most effective way to meet demand and respond to demand changes. A demand planning team will forecast demand for their stock items so that supply chain and inventory managers can decide what, how much...Read more

Big data and inventory management

4 min read

All successful businesses use data to develop strategies and review their outcomes. But as the number of systems being used increases, the amount of data available for consumption and analysis grows exponentially. This is especially true in inventory management, where new technologies are being introduced all the time, and along...Read more

Artificial intelligence and machine learning in supply chain management

5 min read

As global supply chains become more complex, disruption in one link in the chain can significantly impact other areas. Having systems and processes in place to reduce the possibility and subsequent impact of supply chain issues is extremely important. Advancing technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, make connectivity...Read more

A guide to optimizing your supply chain

5 min read

Put simply, supply chain optimization means using technology to get inventory to the right place at the right time – at the lowest cost and highest profit for your business. Supply chain optimization can be explained as aiming to minimize operating costs and streamline processes throughout the supply chain to...Read more