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Sales Promotion Forecasting

Optimize your sales performance with sales promotion forecasting software that helps you plan ahead and grow your business. 

Sales promotion

What is sales promotion demand forecasting?

Promotions and discounts are a great way to boost sales or get rid of excess stock, but how do you ensure there’s enough inventory in the warehouse to cover a surge in demand without having too much left over when the promotion ends?

Special offers, discounts and long-term price drops all impact the overall demand for your products. These qualitative factors can easily be manually added to the forecast.

EazyStock’s sales promotion functionality allows you to add campaigns to your demand forecasts for optimum forecasting accuracy.

Forecast overrides

Ensure you have the right stock in the right quantities for your next sales promotion. Simply find the forecast, create an adjustment, and EazyStock does the rest!

For multiple items, you can apply overrides to groups of SKUs as mass updates in the system or upload larger-scale changes via a dedicated interface file.

You can then track your changes and measure forecast accuracy against both the total (adjusted) and base (not adjusted) forecasts.

forecast override

Unlock sales success

Discover the power of AI-powered sales promotion demand forecasting that maximizes sales and minimizes excess stock
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Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting. Our best-in-breed algorithms generate highly accurate forecasts that account for seasonality, demand trends and promotions.

Multi-location management software

EazyStock’s intelligent multi-location functionality ensures you have optimal levels of the right stock in the right place every time.

Seasonal demand forecasting

With EazyStock’s seasonal demand forecasting functionality, you can ensure you have the right items on your shelves to maximize sales opportunities while preventing a build-up of excess stock when the season ends.

AI-powered inventory optimization software

Powered by AI, EazyStock improves demand forecast accuracy while the AI Help Assistant gives you more control of your inventory.