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Maggie Bendis

Brown boxes with small white labels in the top left corner all stacked on top of each other so you can only see boxes safety stock why safety stock is important

Importance of safety stock in inventory management (2024 Guide)

What is safety stock? Safety stock, sometimes called buffer stock, is an important aspect of inventory management and should be...

Gold bars stacked three on the bottom, two in the middle and one on the top on a pink background to show a bell curve of a product lifecycle

The inventory planners guide to managing the product life cycle

Every product goes through several phases from its launch to eventual phasing out, which is known as the product life...

Brown boxes stacked on top of each other filling a shipping container from top to bottom and side to side. The container is grey metal and the doors are open.

Understanding minimum order quantity (MOQ) and its issues

What is an MOQ, and how do you overcome its challenges? ABC, ERP, EOQ, JIT…acronyms are everywhere in inventory and...

A close up of a computer screen at an angle showing rows of code in different coloured text to show software

What is distribution software and its benefits?

The importance of distribution software When the cost of raw materials and finished goods starts to soar, it’s critical for...

A white calculator with an orange frame around the screen next to a white pen with an orange surround around the tip and the top on a spreadsheet

Why inventory managers need to understand inventory value

Often, businesses focus on inventory management from a supply chain perspective – holding enough stock to meet customer demand and...

Flow of digital information. Global connection concept. Technology futuristic background. Industry 4.0 digital supply chain

Industry 4.0: the digital supply chain

Industry 4.0, also called the fourth industrial revolution, is happening right now. It’s the name given to the rapid trend...

Orange calculator on the corner of a blue background using the economic order quantity formula in inventory management

Using the Economic Order Quantity formula in inventory management

The economic order quantity model is used in inventory management to support replenishment activity, but how useful is it in...

January 2019 Automation Hero: Mark-Jan Hennink of SucceedIT

January 2019 Automation Hero: Mark-Jan Hennink Congratulations on the award! Tell us a bit about yourself and the work you...

Premier Stationery Selects EazyStock for Inventory Management

Birmingham, England – Premier Stationery selects EazyStock for better inventory optimisation. Established in 1978, Premier Stationery prides itself as Ireland’s leading...

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