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Inventory Optimization for the eCommerce Industry


For companies selling online, having the right products in stock is absolutely crucial. If you aren’t able to deliver, one of your competitors are likely to, and it’s very easy to lose that customers you’ve spent so much effort acquiring. Large product ranges include many items with various demand patterns that change over time and customers demand is volatile, making forecasting more complex than ever. At the same time, stocking up too much inventory is a risk that can put many ecommerce companies off balance, when a sudden change happens on the market.

With EazyStock, you will e able to make much more accurate forecasts. The system follows and updates the demand patterns of each item in your product range automatically, so that you don’t have to risk running out or building up excessive stock.

EazyStock has improved our ability to print the right quantities of the right titles to suit market demand. At the same time, we’ve optimised our stock levels and inventory investment, and ensured stock-outs are now few and far between.
– James Bensberg, Director of Systems & Business Support.

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