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AI for inventory management

Embrace AI to take control of your inventory and ensure that the right stock is in the right place at the right time.

AI and machine learning in inventory management

Markets are changing quickly, and businesses need to be able to respond quickly so they don’t miss out on sales or end up with excess or dead stock. AI is transforming inventory management to provide more data, faster to reshape business processes and help companies to stay ahead of the competition. 

It’s time to leave overloaded spreadsheets, stockouts and excess stock in the past where they belong, and welcome new technologies to streamline inventory processes, improve efficiency and make it easier to respond to market changes.

EazyStock’s AI Help Assistant

EazyStock’s new large language model Help Assistant gives you the flexibility and freedom to view and report the data you need when you need it. Regardless of whether your dashboard displays the information, you can ask the AI Help Assistant to display what you want to know. Whether that’s how much stock you have at each warehouse or your top-value item, EazyStock quickly finds and displays the information in an easy-to-understand and exportable format. You can also translate into any language, which makes sharing content with global colleagues a breeze.

Machine-learning-powered forecasts

EazyStock AI-powered inventory optimization software uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and optimization technology to improve the accuracy of demand forecasts, minimize capital investment in unnecessary inventory, and boost product availability. This ensures you have the right stock when you need it to meet customer demand.

Thanks to the way EazyStock uses machine learning algorithms to generate accurate demand forecasts that consider trends, seasonality, and product lifecycles, you’ll avoid stockouts, minimize waste, and cut unnecessary costs across your supply chain.

Automating the demand forecasting process eliminates the need for high-risk manual input, which reduces the risk of human error. What might seem like a tiny spreadsheet slip of adding or missing a zero can cost a business tens of thousands of pounds in unnecessary stock or missed sales due to a stockout. By harnessing the power of EazyStock’s AI-powered demand forecasting, you can stay one step ahead of the market, adapting your inventory plans to reflect demand changes before they cause problems.

Enhanced automation

Using AI, EazyStock provides real-time tracking and automates everyday inventory calculations, including reorder points, order quantities, and safety stock levels, to allow your team to focus on more strategic tasks. EazyStock produces optimized order proposals for your stock ordering system so you always know what you need to order.

Find out more about how you can connect EazyStock to your ERP, WMS or business system to revolutionize your inventory management and put data-driven decisions, automation and efficiency at the centre of your business.

Don’t let out-of-date technology and manual processes slow you down

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Ditch the spreadsheets and automate demand forecasting. Our best-of-breed algorithms generate highly accurate forecasts that account for seasonality, demand trends and promotions.

Multi-location management software

EazyStock’s intelligent multi-location functionality ensures you have optimal levels of the right stock in the right place every time.

Sales promotion planning

EazyStock’s sales promotion functionality allows you to add campaigns to your demand forecasts for optimum forecasting accuracy.

Seasonal demand forecasting

With EazyStock’s seasonal demand forecasting functionality, you can ensure you have the right items on your shelves to maximize sales opportunities while preventing a build-up of excess stock when the season ends.