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Inventory optimisation software for the ecommerce industry

For companies selling online – both B2C and B2B – having the right products in stock is absolutely crucial. If you aren’t able to deliver, one of your competitors is likely to, and you can quickly lose the customers you’ve spent so much effort acquiring. At the same time, stocking-up on too much inventory can be risky and involves tying up valuable working capital..

Demand forecasting for ecommerce is also is more complex than ever. For starters, large product ranges include many items with varying demand patterns, seasonal fluctuations and trends. Add to this the volatility in customer demand and sudden changes in the marketplace and forecasting becomes an almost impossible task.

With EazyStock, you’ll be able to make much more accurate demand forecasts. The system automatically follows and updates the demand patterns of each item in your product range, so that you don’t have to risk running out, or building up excessive stock.

Customer success story

Mad-HQ is a family business supplying fitness, health and well-being equipment across a range of disciplines. Since 1923, they have been supplying fitness, yoga, and Pilates equipment both nationally and internationally from their base in Worcestershire in the UK.

Moving our purchasing system into EazyStock was the best thing we could have done. It really makes ordering simple, and the calendars for Chinese New Year, EU factory summer closures and staff holidays have made a big difference to stock management.

Using EazyStock, I can see whether one customer is ordering 100 items or if 100 customers are ordering one item. Before, I had to flip between our order and purchasing systems, which is more time-consuming.

– Aimi Beasley, Purchasing Manager at Mad Group

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