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eCommerce Distributors

For eCommerce companies, having the right products in stock is crucial. If you can’t deliver, one of your competitors likely can, making it easy to lose customers you’ve spent so much effort acquiring. Poor customer service can lead to bad customer reviews, ruining your brand reputation and increasing the risk of lost sales. EazyStock’s risk of run out report will tell you when you are low on stock for specific products, so you can smartly and proactively manage your remaining stock. Extensive product ranges and multiple sales channels include many items with various demand patterns that change over time, and customer demand is volatile, making forecasting more complex than ever. EazyStock allows you to control the reactiveness of your forecasts to pick up trends quickly, e.g. if a social media influencer shares a product. At the same time, holding too much inventory can put many eCommerce companies off balance when there’s a sudden change in the market. EazyStock automatically updates demand patterns of each item in your product range so you get more accurate forecasts and dynamically adjusts reorder points and safety stock levels to avoid running out or building up excess stock.

eCommerce Distributors

Peppard pave the way for swift ordering process with EazyStock

Peppard Building Supplies Ltd has been a leading force in the construction supplies industry in Reading for over 50 years....

eCommerce Distributors

Firechief® Global reduces inventory value by 12% while simultaneously reducing stockouts

Firechief® (previously Sentura Group) has provided UK-approved commercial and domestic fire safety equipment for more than 60 years’. You’ll doubtless...

eCommerce Distributors

Cutwel reduces stockouts by 25% with EazyStock

Established in 1996, Cutwel is the UK’s number one precision engineering cutting tool distributor, supplying a diverse customer base of...

eCommerce Distributors

Mad Group simplify ordering and improve stock management with EazyStock

Mad-HQ is a family business supplying fitness, health and well-being equipment across a range of disciplines. Since 1923, they have...