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Inventory optimization for the retail industry


The retail industry is going through a paradigm shift with increased competition leading to a growing number of product introductions, shorter product lifecycles and pressure to lower prices. eCommerce and omni-channel strategies are entering the market making supply chains even more complex. In this environment, it’s crucial to have the right products in the right place at the right time or your customer will go to a competitor.

EazyStock helps you raise your service levels while keeping your stock at a minimum and makes sure your inventory is optimally distributed across warehouse locations.

L. ten Cate is a Dutch reseller of underwear and swimwear carrying products for all ages. L. ten Cate has three different brands, each with a unique position in the market.

Using EazyStock has given us immediate insights that allow us to make informed decisions, and we have significantly improved our demand forecasting. Our service levels have gone up and we saw positive results after only a few months of using EazyStock.

– Rowdy te Brake, Supply Chain Manager, at L. ten Cate.

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