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Inventory optimization for the spare parts industry

Spare parts

Stocking the right number of spare parts is a challenge for many aftermarket distributors. The market requires a broad range of parts and high service levels and this, combined with fluctuating demand and long delivery times, put a lot of pressure on distributors. To solve the challenge, it’s common to buy huge quantities in order to keep fulfilment rates high, but this habit that will build up costly excess stock and increase the risk of ending up with obsolete stock.

EazyStock optimizes your inventory and makes sure you have the right spare parts in the right warehouses at the right time. This way you can keep your fulfilment rates high and customers happy while keeping your inventory at a minimum.

KAVO Parts, a supplier of Japanese and Korean auto parts in the Netherlands, chose EazyStock to facilitate their growth by improving inventory management and simplifying purchasing processes

While reducing our inventory was certainly a goal, the most important reasons for implementing EazyStock included optimizing our procurement process and getting a better handle on our stock. EazyStock is an excellent solution for inventory optimization and procurement, and the deployment was highly successful.

– Herald Nijenhuis, Purchasing Director of Kavo Parts.

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