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Peppard pave the way for swift ordering process with EazyStock

We have reduced time spent on ordering and improved demand planning; we are much more efficient and accurate in terms of our demand forecasting. Importantly, the team now has confidence in the accuracy of our system.
Nic Butler, Managing Director

Peppard Building Supplies Ltd has been a leading force in the construction supplies industry in Reading, UK for over 50 years.

As the company continues to grow, it remains dedicated to social responsibility and prioritizing the needs of its customers. No project is too big or too small for their expert staff, who provide invaluable technical advice and support to their customers to ensure maximum build quality at the best cost.

This case study delves into how implementing EazyStock’s advanced inventory optimization software propelled Peppard toward improved operational efficiency, precise forecasting, and overall optimization.

The challenge

With an impressive 4,500 product lines between their branch and overspill warehouse, Peppard encountered various inventory management hurdles.

From inconsistent supply chains to a lack of inventory visibility and the complexity of managing data in disarray, Peppard faced a significant operational challenge when it came to managing their extensive inventory effectively across two locations.

Nic Butler, Managing Director at Peppard, vividly recalls the routine before EazyStock,“Our sales team were constantly asking if we had items in stock or physically going out into the yard to check. That happened all day, day after day, week after week. I mean, that was the standard.”

This manual, time-consuming process led to inefficiencies and created a ripple effect, making it challenging to meet customer demands effectively.

Nic acknowledges their processes before EazyStock could have been better. “We used an ERP, Merlin, to a degree, but it was a very manual process.”

With a website project underway and a growing awareness of how deeply their sales and purchasing practices influenced their stock, Peppard took a closer look at their traditional working methods.

Nic explains,“Our research highlighted that we needed to check under the hood of our current processes. Quite honestly, we wanted to shut it again; it’s an understatement to say it was a bit of a mess.“

Recognizing the need for change, co-owner Ru Butler initiated discussions with EazyStock, setting the stage for transformation.

The rest is history,” recalls Nic.

The solution

Armed with a clear understanding of the need to improve stock availability for customers and achieve accurate stock levels for their website, Peppard embarked on a stock evolution journey with EazyStock.

Peppard went live with EazyStock in September 2021, which involved meticulously evaluating existing processes. They then streamlined operations thanks to EazyStock’s automation features, such as the risk-of-run-out report, order fill-up, and outlier alerts.

Nic described the implementation as “exceptionally good“, stating “I don’t think we’ve ever had such a good onboarding for a new system.

Thanks to EazyStock’s unique customer success manager model, Peppard’s dedicated Customer Success Manager, Cristina-Alexandra Bostina, and Mark Chapman, Head of Customer Success at EazyStock, were on hand to guide them through the process.

EazyStock’s emphasis on data accuracy and housekeeping proved pivotal. With Cristina’s support, Peppard inspected lead times, EOQs, and other intricate details for every product.

Nic commended EazyStock’s ongoing support, noting their proactiveness and frequent touchpoints. Adding review meetings provided a tailored approach to Peppard’s evolving needs, as Cristina explains.

“We started with weekly meetings, then moved to biweekly, and gradually decreased the frequency as we progressed through the EazyStock journey.”

This ensured Peppard always received the right level of support along the way.

The collaborative effort between Peppard and EazyStock, marked by meticulous implementation and continuous support, addressed immediate challenges and positioned them for sustained operational excellence.

The results

The integration of EazyStock brought about a revolutionary transformation for Peppard. They have streamlined the once time-consuming ordering process, now completing it in just a fraction of the time each week.

Nic highlighted the impact, stating, “We found we reduced time spent ordering and improved demand planning; our forecasting is much more accurate.”

Improvements in forecasting accuracy marked a significant shift from manual, intuitive approaches to a more automated and data-driven process. Nic emphasized, “Instead of heading into the yard with a pad and 20 years’ worth of experience, we just press a button.”

The impact on stock availability has been substantial, validated by customer feedback and a reduction in missed sales due to turning down customers.

EazyStock’s order fill-up functionality has transformed a manual, screen-switching process into a quick and seamless automated task.

The system’s enhanced visibility provided invaluable insights into their overspill warehouse, preventing unnecessary orders from suppliers for items already in stock. This also enabled strategic bulk ordering for items like bricks, which can be called off as needed for the selling location.

Nic notes the remarkable change post-EazyStock implementation:

“We have reduced time spent on ordering and improved demand planning; we are much more efficient and accurate in terms of our demand forecasting. Importantly, the team now has confidence in the accuracy of our system.”

Peppard’s success with data-driven inventory management is a beacon for businesses, illustrating how technology can streamline processes, elevate efficiency, and drive success. Through the strategic adoption of EazyStock, Peppard’s not only addressed challenges but also achieved operational optimization and increased customer satisfaction.

Nic Butler’s advice to businesses struggling with inventory management is evident throughout their success story.

“If you are struggling, just check under the hood. That’s the first thing you need to do,” Nic emphasizes. Recognizing the critical role of data accuracy, he underscore “You need to understand that any system is only as good as the data that goes in.”

In navigating these challenges, Nic suggests “Enlisting the help of inventory experts, such as EazyStock, can make overcoming your inventory problems, well, easy.“

Reflecting on the transformative impact of EazyStock, Nic asserts, “EazyStock is doing exactly what we want it to do.” Describing its integral role in their stock ordering and management processes, he emphasizes, “Without EazyStock, it’s simply not going to happen.“

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