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in EazyStock and wholesale distribution

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

With growing customer demands, fierce competition and a globalized supply chain, it’s challenging for wholesalers to balance the demand for fast deliveries with long lead times from suppliers around the world. As a result, wholesale distributors overstock inventory to guarantee high service levels. Unfortunately, that ties up a lot of working capital in excess stock. EazyStock helps wholesalers worldwide improve forecasting, enabling them to keep their fulfillment rates high while lowering inventory. Supplier calendars allow you to plan lead times better, and the seasonality feature will help you forecast seasonal items. The order fill-up functionality allows you to fill up space in shipping containers with products with future demand, reducing the number of containers you need and excessive stock levels to save you lots of money.

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

TerraSana goes from Excel to optimised ordering with EazyStock

TerraSana is a Dutch organic food distributor that sells healthy food products via niche eco-shops across Europe. With rapid growth...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Mayer Fabrics centralize and streamline their inventory management with EazyStock

Mayer Fabrics is a family-owned textile distributor primarily serving the commercial contract markets of government, healthcare, hospitality, education, and senior...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Niglon improves demand forecast accuracy with EazyStock

Niglon is a family business that has been supplying electrical products across the UK for over 80 years. They have...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Olympic Fixings take control of their stock levels with EazyStock

Olympic Fixings is a wholesale distributor of products to electrical wholesalers, builders, timber and agricultural merchants, plumbers and engineering merchants,...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Oldach accelerates inventory reduction plans to drive savings with EazyStock

Oldach Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Supplier is an HVAC parts and equipment distributor for both residential and commercial products. Oldach...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Jönköping County, a healthcare region in Sweden, lowers inventory and increases service levels with EazyStock

Jönköping County is one of 21 regions in Sweden that is responsible for the country’s healthcare, growth and development. The...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Stafa Group: Freeing-up time for strategic supply chain thinking

✓ The challenge: Having experienced a period of growth, Stafa Group’s existing ERP system could no longer effectively manage the...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Dehaco Saves Time and Money with EazyStock

Dehaco is a complete supplier for the demolition, recycling and sanitation industries and a market leader in the demolition and asbestos...

EazyStock and wholesale distribution

Ergofast Increases Service Levels by 12%

Ergofast, based in Sweden, is a leading provider of fasteners to the construction industry in the Nordics. ✓ The challenge:...