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Inventory optimization for wholesale distribution

Wholesale distribution

With growing customer demands, fierce competition and a globalized supply chain, many wholesalers are finding it challenging to balance the demand for fast deliveries with long lead times from suppliers around the world. As a result, wholesale distributors overstock inventory in order to guarantee high service levels. Unfortunately, that ties up a lot of working capital in excess stock.

EazyStock helps wholesalers around the world improve forecasting, enabling them to keep their fulfilment rates high while lowering inventory. Supplier calendars allow you to plan lead times better, and the seasonality feature will help you forecast seasonal items.

By Rydéns, a Swedish company that sells lamps for both domestic and public uses, has reported better inventory management and vastly reduced manual processes since implementing EazyStock. Since implementing EazyStock, By Rydéns has reported a 67% decrease in the time needed to spend on calculating forecasts and reorder levels, leaving a significant amount of time open to pursue growth in new markets, starting with a new warehouse in China.

Our biggest challenge was the time-consuming, manual processes. EazyStock has freed up time and facilitated reordering… having reduced our inventory with more than 5% is a major plus.

– Marie Martinsson, Purchaser, AB Rydéns

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