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Leading inventory optimisation software

Do you need to improve product availability or service levels, whilst reducing the amount of stock you hold? Don’t just manage your inventory, optimise it with EazyStock!

EazyStock inventory optimisation software is designed to connect with ERP systems to provide an advanced level of inventory management functionality, including statistical forecasting, dynamic inventory classification and automated replenishment and purchasing.

Inventory optimisation software is a great tool for supply chain management teams looking to work smarter and proactively deal with demand and supply volatility. It can also help improve important inventory KPIs, such as stock turnover, service levels and fulfilment targets.

EazyStock is built on Syncron’s powerful enterprise platform which we’ve adapted for businesses across a wide range of sectors, from medical equipment wholesalers to stationary suppliers. We combine 20 years of inventory optimisation software experience with the expertise of our dedicated R&D team and ensure constant investment in the latest technology. This allows us to guarantee you the best inventory optimisation solution on the market to reduce your stock levels and automate your ordering processes.

EazyStock is a cloud-based tool and integrates with any ERP quickly and easily. Click on the feature options below to learn more!


Eazystock Product

demand forecasting Demand Forecasting

Improve the accuracy of your demand projections with a statistical demand forecasting tool that factors in trends, product lifecycle stages, seasonality, demand volatility and qualitative factors.

demand forecasting Inventory Optimisation

Dynamically classify inventory items and adjust stocking policies to deliver target service levels with the lowest possible inventory investment.

demand forecasting Replenishment Execution

Automate your reordering processes to improve efficiency and ensure you always have the right products in the right place at the right time.

demand forecasting Seasonality

Automatically adjust demand forecasts for seasonal products to help prevent stockouts and reduce the risk of excess inventory.

Eazystock Product

Promotion Management Promotion Management

Track promotions and campaigns and update your forecasts accordingly to ensure stock availability.

Multi-location Planning Multi-location Planning

Optimise the distribution of your inventory across multiple warehouse locations.

KPI's & Reports KPIs & Reports

Stay informed about your inventory with an up-to-date KPI and reporting dashboard.

Supplier Management Supplier Management

Improve how you manage your supplier network. Automatically adjust inventory ordering to account for variable lead times and changing production schedules.

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