February 2019 Automation Hero: Johan Andersson of Hinz

February 2019 Automation Hero: Johan Andersson

Name: Johan Andersson

Title: Sparepart Manager

Company: Hinz Försäljnings AB

Congratulations on the award Johan! Can you tell us a little about yourself and the work you do?

Hinz is the exclusive reseller of PALFINGER lifting products for the Swedish market. I am responsible for the aftermarket parts and components division. Like many organisations, it’s extremely important for us to have the right parts in stock so that our customers don’t face disruption if something breaks down.

As this month’s Automation Hero, you obviously have a great understanding of how automation can benefit a business. What kind of tasks have you automated at Hinz?

Primarily we have automated the calculation of our order parameters. Previously we did this manually – but now EazyStock is doing the job for us.

What other kinds of automation processes and tools are you using?

We’re automating workflows using our ERP system “Monitor” – everything from inventory value to automated readings of orders.

How has your day-to-day task list changed since you implemented these automation solutions? What benefits have you seen?

With automated purchasing processes in place, I now have more time to focus on dealing with customer orders.  This has meant I have more time to support our customers which has lead to higher service levels.

And how has Hinz benefited from automation?
I would say that both Hinz and our partners are more ‘at ease’ when it comes to order fulfillment. Previously, when we calculated our order parameters manually, the results were often based on our gut feeling. Now we have a much more robust inventory policy, based on facts rather than guesses. The management team has approved our inventory strategy and everyone has bought into the concept. Today all orders coming into the warehouse are based on historical sales, rather than simply ‘guess work’.

Where do you see the future of automation going?
The future of automation is truly exciting. Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace and Hinz really wants to stay at the forefront of innovation. Our next step is to roll out EazyStock to our branch warehouses, ensuring they have the right spare parts on the shelves so our customers can get the service they expect and more. We’re already working on this project. Beyond that, we have a vision to integrate with our main distributor who makes up 99% of our deliveries and also offer this to our external partners and further distribution network.

Great, thanks for your insight, Johan!

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