December 2019 Automation Hero: Per Risfors of Exsitec

Automation Hero December 2019: Per Risfors from Exsitec

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Per Risfors, an organisational consultant at Exsitec, has helped many SMBs improve their processes and optimise workflows with automation. That’s why Per is our December Automation Hero.

Name: Per Risfors
Title: Organisational consultant and solution architect
Company: Exsitec – specialists in IT solutions such as ERPs, business intelligence and mobile solutions.

Congratulations on the award Per! Would you like to tell us a bit about Exsitec and your work?
Thank you! I’m working as an organisational consultant and solution architect at Exsitec. This means that I help companies become more efficient by implementing system solutions, which includes everything from finance to logistics. I also work on implementing systems such as EazyStock.

How are you helping Exsitec’s customers use automation to optimise their processes?
My work is about seeing the big picture and identifying areas where the customer can make the biggest gains from automating processes and workflows. I then suggest improvements and help with implementation of new systems.

Can you give some examples of processes or tasks you have helped to automate? 
I primarily work around inventory management, warehouse management and order flows, in various forms. But it can also be electronic invoices, or custom-built web apps for specific organisational requirements.

How does EazyStock typically fit into a company’s ‘automation-journey’? 
EazyStock fits very well into our supply-chain optimisation concept, which basically is about helping our customers move towards more efficient inventory management. Together with the ERP, WMS and invoicing system, the customer gets an optimised workflow that saves both time and money.

Which challenges are your customers typically solving with automation?
What our customers primary are looking for is streamlining and optimising different workflows. They often see the potential but don’t know where to start. But as soon as they’re up and running, they most often see fast results in the form of time-savings, better control over supply chain and inventory, safer deliveries and, in the end, happier customers.

What do you think about the future of automation?
It has obviously only just begun. More SMBs chose to automate more parts of their business to become more efficient and competitive. This is partly due to more advanced tools being easier to implement and use for SMBs, partly due to higher demands from the market. AI is coming and will most likely soon be incorporated in tools and systems also for SMBs. More processes will be automated, that’s for sure. Things are moving quickly now!

Do you have any particular “success story”  that you would like to share? Someone that has been particularly successful?
I instantly think about a project that made impressive progress with automation. It is a Swedish healthcare region that has been live with EazyStock since this summer and they have already gone from 90 to 96% service level and simultaneously lowered their inventory value. They have adopted a completely new approach to inventory management and received proof that they get return on their investment.

Thank you for your wise words Per! 

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