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Enhance Acumatica’s Inventory Management Functionality with EazyStock

Two powerful cloud apps in one seamless experience.

EazyStock’s readymade connector to Acumatica creates a smooth experience for Acumatica users and allows them to optimize their inventory with a click. Acumatica’s native cloud ERP solution is designed to improve the productivity of SMBs. The system is super flexible, scalable, easy to use and available from anywhere, regardless of device.

By connecting EazyStock to your Acumatica ERP, you can seamlessly optimize your inventory – automating your demand forecasting, stock planning and replenishment processes. Ultimately you’ll improve the efficiency of your inventory management activity, saving both time and money, while reducing stock levels and improving product availability.

EazyStock works with manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and construction companies to strategically manage their inventory from raw materials down to finished goods.

EazyStock has an existing connector to Acumatica with bi-directional sync, and our software subscription includes the connector. For manufacturers using Acumatica MRP, the connector pushes the forecast and inventory parameters back to Acumatica. The connector makes it easy to get started with EazyStock. You can be optimizing your inventory in under a week!


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Automate Resource-Intensive Tasks

With EazyStock, you will no longer need to use spreadsheets to calculate reordering parameters. Instead EazyStock dynamically recalculates order quantities, reorder levels and safety stock on a daily basis, adjusting to demand forecasts, supplier lead times, current stock levels and your required service levels.

That’s why EazyStock customers have better stock availability, higher productivity and better inventory performance than their competitors! On average, EazyStock users report over 30% reduction in inventory and only 3 months to ROI.

Key Features

  • Simple click & connect integration
  • Reduce inventory levels and the risk of excess and obsolete stock
  • Increase service levels (stock availability) without overstocking
  • Automate replenishment activity and reordering processes
  • Improve demand forecasting accuracy
  • Prevent stock-outs

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The EazyStock team has a solid understanding of how EazyStock complements Acumatica and how to help us best use their software. They listened to our challenges and suggested ways for us to improve our business processes for the quickest ROI. We highly recommend EazyStock for anyone needing more powerful inventory management for their Acumatica ERP.

– Clyde Cornelius, Director of Operations & Technology at ToolPro, Inc.

For more information, please email us or call +1 (844) 416-5000.

For more information, please email us or call +1 (844) 416-5000.

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