5 Inventory Reduction Strategies to Drive Cost Savings

6 min read

For businesses that carry non-perishable goods it’s tempting to order and carry surplus stock to help meet market demand and hit order fulfillment targets. In some circumstances carrying excess stock can be a good thing: having all items in stock helps avoid costly back orders and keeps customers happy. However,...Read more

Automation Hero July 2020: Keri Potter from Central States…

3 min read

Keri Potter, Director of Supply Chain and Logistics at Central States Industrial (CSI), knows what her company needs to stay competitive. By selecting EazyStock, she takes care of the inventory for both CSI’s manufacturing and distribution operations. That’s why she’s EazyStock’s Automation Hero for July!  Name: Keri Potter Title: Director...Read more

4 Ways Technology Can Simplify Inventory Management

4 min read

Inventory is the biggest entry in the balance sheet of many distribution companies and fast deliveries are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital world – especially as an increasing number of people are working remotely. Failing to stock the right items doesn’t only result in lost sales. Unhappy customers can...Read more

Coronavirus Series Part 4 – Managing Supply Chain Disruption…

5 min read

In our four-part blog series on Coronavirus and its impact on inventory management, so far we’ve looked at how to overcome COVID-19 demand forecasting challenges and improving inventory planning during the pandemic. Now we’re going to focus on mitigating the risks of supply chain disruption as we move out of...Read more

Coronavirus Series Part 3 – Improving Inventory Planning During…

5 min read

In this four-part blog series we look at the impact COVID-19 has had on supply chains and how inventory optimization software can help. So far we’ve discussed how to overcome demand forecasting challenges due to Coronavirus. In this post we focus on inventory planning and how to optimize stock levels...Read more

Coronavirus Series Part 2 – Overcoming Demand Forecasting Challenges…

5 min read

COVID-19 has had a profound impact on global marketplaces, with customer demand and inventory supply more erratic and complex than ever before. The effects of COVID-19 have put supply chain management (SCM) teams well and truly in the spotlight since they play a crucial role in ensuring business continuity for...Read more