Bamal Fastener selects EazyStock as their inventory optimization tool

Chicago, IL – Bamal Fastener selects EazyStock as their inventory optimization tool.

Bamal Fastener has decided to eliminate their time-consuming and manual demand forecasting processes by adding EazyStock to their ERP P21.

Bamal Fastener has been a full-line distributor of fasteners and Class-C items to some of the world’s largest automotive, commercial, military and industrial manufacturers. The company was founded in 1953 and is now headquartered in Charlotte, NC, with operations across the US and Mexico.

With EazyStock in place, Bamal Fastener will add a new level of sophistication to their demand forecasts that accounts for demand fluctuations, supplier lead times, seasonal profiles and other variables.

Jamie Moreno, VP of Operations at Bamal Fastener, says, “I’m excited to add EazyStock to our arsenal. With the solution in place, our reorder points and replenishment amounts will be more accurate, and we won’t spend as much time on calculations. We’ll be able to serve our customers in all our markets better. Plus, EazyStock will help us manage our stock more efficiently across all our locations and really help streamline our operations.”

Ranveer Singh, Director of Customer Success at EazyStock, adds, “We’re collaborating closely with Jamie and his team to reach their forecast accuracy and order fulfillment goals. EazyStock has already benefitted other fastener distributors in various markets. We’re looking forward to replicating that success with Bamal Fastener so they can continue to increase their reach.”

Media Contact: Maggie Bendis Email: Phone: +1 (844) 416-5000
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