EazyStock is a very advanced inventory optimization tool to keep a high level of delivery service, while not having more inventory in stock than demand requires.

– Jan Kraft, CEO at GSAB

A Whole New View of Inventory for GSAB

The Challenge

GSAB, the wholesaler of glazing products and supplies to the glass and construction industry, had a problem. In the past, inventory planning was a highly manual process driven by a complex spreadsheet-based system. This approach meant time consuming manual work which still resulted in sub-optimal inventory levels, difficulties forecasting demand and low service levels for some products.

GSAB identified the problem stemmed from its spreadsheet-based process, and set out to define a new way of working.

The result

Moving to the new process was straightforward and the value of the application became clear almost immediately. According to Jan Kraft:

“From my perspective, the functionality is excellent. EazyStock is a very advanced tool to keep a high level of service in terms of delivery, and at the same time not have more in stock than demand requires. As a customer, you get a whole new view of inventory and can act proactively to changes in demand for individual articles.”

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