A whole new view of inventory for GSAB

EazyStock enables us to maintain a high level of service to our customers at the lowest possible cost, as the system ensures that we only carry the stock we need.
– Jan Kraft, CEO at GSAB

✓ The challenge: Manual inventory planning

GSAB, a leading supplier of architectural glass products to the glazing and construction industries, had a problem. Inventory planning at GSAB was a highly manual process, driven by complex spreadsheets. Whilst this system worked satisfactorily at first, as the company and its product range grew, so did the complexity of the spreadsheets.

As an very customer-centric business, GSAB quickly took action to review the situation and decided to update their inventory management processes.

✓ The result: Jeeves ERP + EazyStock

EazyStock was easily connected to GSAB’s ERP system – Jeeves. This allowed them to quickly replace their spreadsheet-based inventory planning processes with automation, and for the first time they could calculate their inventory needs at item level.

Jan Kraft, Managing Director at GSAB:

“From my perspective, the functionality is excellent. EazyStock is a very advanced tool that lets us maintain a high level of service delivery, without holding more in stock than demand requires. We now have a whole new view of inventory and can act proactively to changes in demand for individual articles.”

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