A whole new view of inventory for GSAB

EazyStock is a very advanced inventory optimization tool to keep a high level of delivery service, while not having more inventory in stock than demand requires.
– Jan Kraft, CEO at GSAB

GSAB is the Nordic region’s leading supplier to the glassmaking and construction industry.


✓ The challenge: Complex manual processes

For GSAB, inventory planning was a highly manual process driven by a complex spreadsheet-based system. This approach meant time consuming manual work which still resulted in sub-optimal inventory levels, difficulties forecasting demand and low service levels for some products.

GSAB identified the problem stemmed from its spreadsheet-based process, and set out to define a new way of working.

✓ The solution: Add EazyStock to their Jeeves ERP

GSAB sought to reduce manual inventory planning, improve availability of the right products for delivery, and reduce excess inventory.

With EazyStock, GSAB updated their process to automatically manage the majority of their products.

✓ The result: High service levels and automated processes

Moving to the new process was straightforward and the value of the application became clear almost immediately.

According to Jan Kraft: “From my perspective, the functionality is excellent. EazyStock is a very advanced tool to keep a high level of service in terms of delivery, and at the same time not have more in stock than demand requires. As a customer, you get a whole new view of inventory and can act proactively to changes in demand for individual articles.” Check out the full case study or watch