Case studies
in Manufacturing


As a manufacturer, producing optimal batch sizes while keeping your inventory at a minimum is challenging. Stocking the right items is crucial; the entire batch is at risk if missing one part. Whether you work with make-to-stock or make-to-order, reliable demand forecasts are vital to ensure you have the parts in stock to produce the right products at the right time. EazyStock not only drastically improves your demand forecasts but also keeps track of suppliers and considers lead times to ensure you have the right balance between inventory levels and availability. EazyStock allows you to automate BOM forecasting and dynamically update the reordering parameters of BOM-dependent components. With accurate demand forecasts, EazyStock automatically adjusts ordering parameters for every item within the BOM and clearly identifies items as finished assemblies, sub-assemblies or components.


SCM Turbomotive automates purchasing to improve stock turn and customer service

SCM Turbomotive, a leading supplier of new and re-manufactured turbo chargers and DPF cleaning solutions, has reduced their levels of new stock...


Abena Healthcare maintains high service levels in rapidly changing market

Abena manufactures and supplies healthcare products to customers in over 80 countries worldwide. With the global healthcare marketplace being such...


Blinkfyrar ”en route” to hitting new highs with the help of EazyStock

Blinkfyrar supplies road safety and traffic management equipment to private businesses and contractors, as well as to the government and...


Design Ready Controls looks ahead with inventory optimisation

Design Ready Controls is a manufacturer of electrical control panels with customers across an array of industries. ✓ The challenge: Constantly...