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Inventory optimisation software for the manufacturing industry

As a manufacturer you’re constantly challenged with producing optimal batch sizes, while keeping your inventory to a minimum. In order to do this, stocking the right items are crucial, if one part is missing, the entire batch is at risk.

No matter if you work with make-to-stock or make-to-order, reliable demand forecasts are vital to ensure you have the parts in stock in order to produce the right products at the right time.

EazyStock doesn’t only improve your demand forecasts drastically, the tool will also keep track of suppliers and take lead-times into consideration, all to make sure you have the right balance between inventory levels and availability.

Customer success story

Blinkfyrar is the market leader in developing, manufacturing and distributing traffic signs in Sweden. They needed better and more reliable information to support decisions and better management of the entire supply chain, purchasing and forecasting.

EazyStock has helped us to more reliable forecasts and better purchasing processes, which allows us to secure high service levels without building up too much inventory. The system integrates smoothly with Dynamics NAV and gives us more time to focus on the innovation and product development that has taken us to a market leading position.

– Mattias Mäkelä, Operations Manager, Blinkfyrar.

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