Abena Healthcare maintains high service levels in rapidly changing market

EazyStock is the solution we needed to streamline our operations and keep up with the fast-moving healthcare industry
– Karl van Emmerik, Logistics Manager at Abena Netherlands

Abena manufactures and supplies healthcare products to customers in over 80 countries worldwide. With the global healthcare marketplace being such a dynamic and challenging environment, Abena wanted a more advanced way to manage their inventory so they could be more responsive to their customers’ needs.


✓ The challenge: Changing needs in the healthcare industry

The global market for healthcare products is very fast-moving which leads to a number of challenges. Whilst demand for some products has recently exploded, others have seen declining sales. At the same time it’s critical that some items are always in stock regardless of demand.

✓ The solution: Automated reordering with EazyStock and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Utilising EazyStock, Abena has automated most of their procurement processes, which has significantly improved efficiency. “We now have full control over stock levels and ordering processes. We can maintain a high level of service and almost always meet our customers’ high demands. With EazyStock we can fulfil our promises to our customers, which is so important for maintaining our market-leading position”.

✓ The result: Higher levels of service and focus on the right things

EazyStock is generating optimised order proposals on a daily basis for Abena. These proposals are based on advanced calculations that consider demand forecasts, safety stock, current inventory levels, items in transit and supplier data. All this is done automatically so that Abena’s inventory planners and buyers have more time to focus on serving customers, improving supplier relationships and optimising purchasing strategies.

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