Stafa Group free up time for strategic supply chain thinking

Working with EazyStock saves our purchasing team a lot of time. Standard purchasing activities are now automated so they have more resources to allocate to other priorities.
– Roy Camp, Purchasing Manager at Stafa Group

✓ The challenge

Having experienced a period of growth, Stafa Group’s existing ERP system could no longer effectively manage the trading company’s 25,000 stock items. When researching the market the team also realised that no new ERP could support their increasingly complex purchasing processes and inventory management requirements. ​

✓ The solution

Stafa Group turned to EazyStock and our inventory optimisation software to help rationalise and optimise their purchasing and logistics processes.

✓ The impact

Because EazyStock is a cloud-based, SaaS solution, we were able to easily connect to Stafa Group’s ERP system. This ensured a quick and simple set-up and meant they required no additional investment in hardware.

Purchasing efficiency​: EazyStock has helped speed up Stafa Group’s order handling process, so purchasing agents now have more time to focus on strategic tasks. The team has improved its ability to manage and reduce lead times – which is critical for a global trading company. ​

Improved stock control​: With EazyStock the purchasing team now has much more control over its inventory and storage costs.​

Accurate data for informed decision-making​: EazyStock software generates all the data Stafa Group needs to effectively manage their stock and produce accurate and reliable reports.​

Less inventory with improved service levels: Implementing EazyStock has reduced Stafa Group’s inventory levels without compromising service standards.​