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KAVO Parts optimises forecasting and purchasing with the help of EazyStock

Whilst reducing our inventory levels was definitely one of our goals, the opportunity to optimise our purchasing processes and better manage our inventory was what made us choose EazyStock.

- Herald Nijenhuis, Purchasing Director of Kavo Parts

KAVO Parts, one of the world’s largest suppliers of Japanese and Korean autoparts, chose EazyStock to better control their growing product range and simplify their purchasing processes.

✓ The challenge: Managing global growth and filling up containers

As KAVO Parts continued to grow, it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage their supply chain, due to fluctuating demand and longer delivery times. Inventory control was taking up more and more resources and it was increasingly challenging to deliver on time.

There was also a need to improve the cost efficiency of transporting ordered goods from suppliers.


✓ The solution: Combining EazyStock with Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP

KAVO Parts chose EazyStock to improve their ability to react to the dynamics of their global supply chain and customer base. With customer orders changing on a regular basis, they needed to be able to act quickly by updating demand forecasts and adjusting their purchasing.

The implementation of EazyStock was completed by SuceedIT, one of EazyStock’s European partners, in less than eight days.


✓ The result: EazyStock and Microsoft NAV

The KAVO Parts inventory management team now uses EazyStock daily, in tandem with its Dynamics NAV ERP, to ensure forecasts are accurate and purchasing is optimised. The team is now able to respond to changes in customer orders much more effectively, with automatic forecast updates and procurement recommendations provided by EazyStock.

EazyStock’s container fill-up functionality also allows KAVO to adjust their reordering so they can fill-up containers coming in from suppliers, so transportation is more cost effective.