Ergofast Increases Service Levels by 12%

EazyStock has helped us increase the service level to our customers significantly and reduced our excess inventory. With the support of EazyStock, our team is more efficient and more accurate in their daily inventory planning tasks.
– Maria Candetoft, Purchase & Logistics Manager at Ergofast

✓ The challenge: Time-consuming & inaccurate demand forecasting

Ergofast had major challenges with its purchasing processes. Purchasing decisions were predominantly made based on feedback from their salesforce and their estimations of future sales.

This manual demand forecasting was very time-consuming for Ergofast’s purchasing planners and resulted in inaccurate forecasts, high levels of excess inventory and unsatisfactory service levels. It was also extremely difficult to make fact-based decisions at at a strategic or operational level to stay in control of their inventory planning and replenishment.

✓ The solution: Streamline purchasing with EazyStock

Ergofast chose EazyStock to streamline their inventory planning and purchasing processes. Ergofast’s primary objective was to achieve better service levels by ensuring replenishment aligned with customer demand. They also sought to:

  • Increase productivity with automated forecasting and replenishment.
  • Get a better overview of their inventory, by taking control and streamlining daily inventory planning.
  • Reduce levels of excess inventory to help prevent obsolescence.

✓ The result: 12% increase in service levels

Ergofast’s transition to a cloud-based system was swift and the benefits were evident soon after go-live; customer service levels increased by 10% in just the first six months.
Ergofast also achieved significant improvements in inventory performance:

  • Increased customer service level by 12%
  • Reduced total inventory by 22%
  • Reduced excess inventory by 35% on active items
  • Reduced planning team resource requirements
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