Central States Industrial (CSI) discovers inventory optimisation with EazyStock

In our old ERP the demand type was static until we manually changed it in the system. With EazyStock they’re now automatically updated based on transactional history, so we know the correct forecasting algorithm is being applied to each one of our thousands of items.
– Keri Potter, Director of Supply Chain & Logistics at Central States Industrial

Central States Industrial (CSI) provides components and systems for hygienic processes used across multiple industries


✓ The challenge: Finding a new inventory management module

When CSI replaced their ERP they soon realised it didn’t have the same inventory management capabilities that they were used to. With 30,000 SKUs to manage across four distribution sites, CSI needed a new solution – fast. But they were not looking for a simple replacement, instead they wanted a system that could take their inventory management capabilities to the next level.

✓ The solution: Add EazyStock to their ERP

EazyStock was integrated with CSI’s new Epicor ERP to provide three key benefits. Firstly, to automate and improve forecasting, secondly to save money by redistributing items to the locations where they were most needed, and finally to improve the ‘health’ of their inventory by minimising excess and obsolete stock.

With EazyStock, CSI found the automation and inventory optimisation they were looking for, reducing their manual labour resources and improving their forecasting.

✓ The result: High service levels and automated processes

Adding EazyStock has driven inventory optimisation at CSI. Every SKU is now automatically analysed and sorted into one of nine different demand types. This determines the forecast of each SKU and helps CSI place orders at optimal reorder points.

Plus CSI is now redistributing inventory between their locations. This is saving the buyers time and money by minimising rush orders. It also frees up space in the warehouses; CSI has decreased excess stock by 17%.

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