Solve your inventory management problems

Forecast with confidence, stock the right items and optimise every order you make.

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“EazyStock not only tracks all demand and sales information but accounts for seasonality and different demand types. Providing much better stock availability.”
Oliver Hinley, Operations Director at Niglon

Supply chain planning made easy

EazyStock is an always-online inventory optimisation software that simplifies ordering the right stock at the right time. With user-friendly tools and an incredible customer team, we guide you every step of the way.

Make smart inventory decisions and invest wisely with EazyStock. Minimise stockouts and avoid purchasing unwanted items, saving time and money.

Every day, we help supply chain professionals:

  • Accurately forecast demand
  • Stock the right product mix
  • Place orders on time
  • Reveal inventory data that helps make decisions

Work smarter with EazyStock

Fully automate parts of your workflow or use EazyStock to support your decision-making. Either way, EazyStock eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming spreadsheets. Empower yourself and your team to make the best moves every single day.

Schedule a quick chat with one of our friendly experts and find out if EazyStock will work for you.


How does it work?

First, we connect by getting to know your business. Regular checkup calls and free training help you get the best out of EazyStock from day one.

Next, we forecast. EazyStock analyses the demand profile of every stock item looking for trends, volatility, seasonal variance and much more.

Then, we optimise. EazyStock updates reorder points and tweaks order quantities based on your inventory data.

Finally, it’s time to order. Allow EazyStock to generate orders you can easily export and fill.


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