Requisite joins EazyStock as Partner to enhance inventory management solutions in the UK

EazyStock, a leading supplier of cloud-based inventory optimisation software, is pleased to announce a referral partnership with Requisite Solutions, specialists in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) and Dynamics NAV (NAV) enterprise resource planning systems.

EazyStock’s ready-made BC and NAV connectors and Requisite Solutions’ extensive understanding of BC and NAV make this the perfect partnership to bring the benefits of inventory optimisation to a wider audience. By taking advantage of EazyStock’s cutting-edge algorithms and data-driven insights, Requisite Solutions’ clients will be able to manage their inventory levels effectively, minimise stockouts, and reduce excess stock.

Requisite Solutions’ decision to partner with EazyStock was driven by their focus on customer care and satisfaction. This refreshing approach, coupled with their experience, sees them continually deliver high standards of work to help their clients meet their goals.

“We’re happy to be partnering with EazyStock,” said Suzanne Kenyon, Director at Requisite Solutions. “MRP is something we specialise in and our customers sometimes find standard NAV/BC ordering functionality quite limited. When their needs outweigh the standard functionality, it’s great to be able to utilise the extra functionality and control within the EazyStock solution, and leverage the experience of a team of people who live and breathe inventory optimisation.”

Peter Drakeley, Managing Director at EazyStock, echoes Suzanne’s enthusiasm. “We are delighted to welcome Requisite Solutions as a referral partner in the UK. Their deep understanding of BC and NAV and strong client relationships make them ideal partners for EazyStock. We’re looking forward to helping their clients optimise their inventory to maintain optimal stock levels and improve operational efficiency and their bottom line to stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.”

About EazyStock

EazyStock is a global leader in inventory optimisation software, helping businesses enhance their supply chain operations through intelligent forecasting, demand planning, and inventory management solutions. EazyStock leverages cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to enable businesses to streamline their inventory, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

To learn more about EazyStock and its inventory optimisation software, please visit

About Requisite Solutions

Requisite Solutions has been providing consultancy, development, and integration services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and its ancestors for over 10 years. They also provide services across the Microsoft Power Platform, using the suite of technologies to offer their customers industry standard solutions.

For more information about Requisite Solutions and its consultancy, development, and integration services, please visit


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