Peppard Building Supplies looks to automate and streamline inventory management with EazyStock

Birmingham, United Kingdom, December 8, 2020 Peppard Building Supplies, a leading builders merchant in Reading, has selected EazyStock in a strategic move to focus on improving demand forecasting and inventory planning in 2021 and beyond.

In an industry where convenience and speed are critical to customer loyalty, Peppard Building Supplies are committed to optimising their inventory management capabilities, so they can ensure the products their customers need are always in stock and ready for collection or drop-off.

By connecting EazyStock to their ERP system, Merlin, they will be able to improve the accuracy of their demand forecasting and inventory planning, whilst removing their reliance on spreadsheets and manual calculations. Instead EazyStock will dynamically forecast demand and adjust planning parameters, such as reorder quantities and safety stock levels, providing automated purchasing recommendations to be fed back to their ERP for processing.

Nic Butler, Co. Owner of Peppard Building Supplies said,“Our aim is to improve our order fulfilment capabilities, so we always have the right products available to meet our customers’ needs. EazyStock will give our team the knowledge and tools to do this.

We also want to be more efficient at managing stock items and with EazyStock we hope to fully automate our inventory management processes, giving us more time to focus on our suppliers and customers”.

Peter Drakeley, Head of Customer Success at EazyStock, said, “We are very much looking forward to working with Nic and his team to enhance their inventory management operations. We’re committed to helping them improve their service levels and, at the same time, reduce the amount of stock they carry to free-up cashflow.

We’ve been a member of the BMF for almost two years now because we’re confident our software and support team can help merchants and suppliers reduce inventory costs, improve stock availability and ultimately be more profitable”.

About Peppard Building Supplies

Peppard Building Supplies pride themselves on giving their customers up-to-date expert advice, coupled with excellent customer service. Peppard Building Supplies offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of quality and branded materials for building projects, developments and landscaping in the Reading and Henley areas. They have also a reputation for providing superior technical support that helps customers not only reduce construction costs but raise build quality. As the company grows, Peppard Building Supplies are committed to maintaining their reputation for being a socially responsible, family business, focused on their customers and community they serve.

About EazyStock

EazyStock is the tool that gives you total control over your inventory. By automating your purchasing processes you can quickly benefit from higher service levels, lower inventory levels and optimised procurement. The cloud-based software integrates smoothly with your ERP for fast, measurable results. EazyStock is a part of Syncron International AB, headquartered in Stockholm, with customers all around the world. Read more at

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