EazyStock and Merlin Business Software launch partnership

Birmingham, United Kingdom, April 29, 2022 – EazyStock and Merlin Business Software launch partnership to offer advanced demand forecasting and inventory optimisation functionality.

Merlin Business Software and EazyStock have launched a new partnership to provide manufacturers, wholesalers, merchants and distributors with access to powerful demand forecasting and inventory optimisation software.

With a quick, ready-made connector to Merlin, EazyStock lets users automate their demand forecasting, stock planning and reordering calculations.

With EazyStock users no longer require spreadsheets to work out demand forecasts, reorder quantities or safety stock levels. Instead, the tool uses smart algorithms to forecast future stock requirements and ensure inventory levels are optimised, without over-stocking or tying up too much capital. Ultimately it generates an optimised list of order recommendations that users simply check and push back to Merlin to raise purchase orders.

Steve Fowler, Development Director at Merlin, says, “EazyStock and Merlin already have a number of happy customers in common, so formalising our relationship is a no brainer. We’re pleased to be working with a solution provider that not only has world-class forecasting and replenishment functionality, but also puts customers at the heart of their business”.

Ryan Cole, UK and Benelux Development Manager at EazyStock, concluded, “We’re excited to be partnered with a leading ERP provider who holds innovation at the core of their business. We’re confident EazyStock will enhance Merlin’s stock management capabilities even further, giving their customers a unique competitive advantage.

With EazyStock, Merlin users will now also be able to dynamically calculate their stock requirements, have confidence in every forecast they make, speed up ordering processes, and save money with optimised inventory levels.”

About Merlin Business Software

Merlin Business Software has over 45 years of experience supplying merchants, distributors, stockists, wholesalers and manufacturers with industry-specific ERP software, helping companies to streamline their business processes; saving valuable time, money, and resources.


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