John Louis Home Chooses EazyStock to Optimise Inventory Management

Chicago, Illinois, USA – John Louis Home (JLH), distributor of closet organizer products, chooses EazyStock as inventory optimisation solution to support their QuickBooks Enterprise accounting system. 

John Louis Home is the premier provider of 100% solid wood do-it-yourself (DIY) closet organizers. Designed with versatility in mind, John Louis Home has created a line of products that take the best features from the custom closet industry and the price consciousness of the big box store and fused it together into what they like to call “Affordable Elegance”.

John Louis Home chose EazyStock because of its cloud-based platform and for how easily data in QuickBooks Enterprise can be uploaded and analyzed in EazyStock. John Louis Home distributes hundreds of inventory items and requires more advanced forecasting and inventory analysis capabilities to avoid overstocking and understocking situations. Additionally, EazyStock has the ability to track, analyze and forecast for seasonal demand patterns across the company’s wide range of products.

Benefits for QuickBooks Enterprise Users

EazyStock analyzes QuickBooks Enterprise inventory data to extend the following business results for John Louis Home:

  • Accurate forecasts for each item in inventory
  • Easily spot demand trends for quick decision making
  • Advice on what to buy and when to buy
  • Marketing promotion and sales tracking
  • Ability to manage inventory seasonality
  • Increase availability for high demand items
  • Increase customer satisfaction and service rates
With EazyStock, John Louis Home has increased their visibility and insights into the inventory they carry,” explains Ida Danielsson, Customer Success Manager at EazyStock. “The operations team at John Louis Home will be able to easily spot trends in their inventory management and react more quickly to keep availability high and costs low. Additionally, marketing and sales can more proactively plan campaigns to drive sales activity without risking back orders. With EazyStock, John Louis Home will ensure the right products are available when customers need them.

About John Louis Home:

John Louis Home is a supplier of 100% solid wood do-it-yourself (DIY) closet organizers and offers a line of products that take the best features from the custom closet industry to offer affordable, elegant solutions.  Learn more:

About EazyStock:

EazyStock is an Inventory Optimisation Solution for wholesalers and distributors that seek to buy smarter, plan faster and service their customers better. EazyStock helps distributors around the world optimize their supply chains. Learn more:

Media Contact Info: Daniel Dowling Marketing Director, EazyStock Email: Phone: +1 844-416-5000
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