GPH Builder Merchants select EazyStock to advance inventory management operations

Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom, 30 June 2021. GPH Builders Merchants, the leading merchants in Aberdeenshire, have chosen EazyStock to provide automated inventory management functionality, as part of their ongoing strategy to improve supply chain efficiency.

Focused on enhancing their stock management processes, GPH currently uses their ERP, Epicor BisTrack to replenish stock levels. With EazyStock connected, they will also be able to optimise stock levels to achieve improved levels of product availability.

EazyStock, a leading inventory optimisation tool, takes a daily feed of ERP data and automates critical yet manual inventory management tasks. These include demand forecasting, stock classification and calculating reordering parameters, such as reorder points, reorder quantities and safety stock levels.

Using EazyStock, GPH aims to maximise product availability, in line with their commitment to offer the best-in-class service to their customers. By delivering in full, first time, more of the time, they hope to not only delight more customers, but also improve operational efficiency.

Grant Shewan, Managing Director for GPH Builder Merchants, said, “EazyStock provides stock optimisation, rather than just replacing stock when it sells. This will improve our competitiveness with greater stock availability, reduce inventory investment with lower stock levels and increase efficiency with automated processes”.

By reducing their volume of slow-moving inventory items, GPH will also be able to lower overall stock levels and release cashflow, whilst saving time when purchasing, thus improving operational efficiency.

Grant continues, “EazyStock has smart functionality that most ERPs lack, such as the ability to forecast for seasonality, promotions and new stock items. It can also deal with items with spike sales or intermittent sales. We hope this new software will save valuable time creating orders and help us to navigate the challenges presented as demand ebbs and flows in the future”.

Peter Drakeley, Head of Customer Success at EazyStock said, “GPH Builders Merchants aims to maximise their customer service levels and sales by upping their stock availability targets. EazyStock will achieve this using its powerful algorithms to dynamically generate optimised order recommendations. We look forward to a great partnership”.

About GPH Builders Merchants

GPH is the leading builders merchant in Aberdeenshire, with branches in Inverurie, Stonehaven, Westhill and Ellon. They offer a wide range of building supplies to both the trade and DIY markets.

As members of the NBG buying group, GPH are able to ensure competitive pricing on a vast range of products, across all sectors of the industry. For the DIY’er they also stock some of the leading retail brands in home maintenance and improvement.

GPH are proud of their friendly and knowledgeable team, many of whom are former tradesmen and understand the importance of having the best-suited solutions for the task at hand.

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About EazyStock

EazyStock is the market-leading inventory optimisation tool that gives businesses of all sizes total control of their inventory, by increasing stock availability, reducing inventory levels and automating reordering processes.

It does this by using powerful algorithms that automate demand forecasting and stock classification, and dynamically calculate reordering parameters, such as reorder points, reorder quantities and safety stock levels.

The cloud-based software integrates seamlessly with ERP systems and delivers fast, measurable inventory savings and service level improvements. EazyStock is part of Syncron International AB, with headquarters in Stockholm and customers all over the world.


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