EazyStock joins Builders Merchants Federation

We’re delighted to announce that EazyStock is now a service-provider member of the Builders Merchants Federation (BMF)

The BMF is the only organisation in the UK and Ireland that represents and protects the interests of merchants and suppliers in the building materials supply industry. With a membership of over 700 companies, they are an active hub of merchant and supplier activity in the UK.

Peter Drakeley, our Head of Customer Success at EazyStock commented “Product availability is critical for builders’ merchants because they need to fulfil customer orders as fast as possible to prevent costly project delays. But, at the same time, holding excessive amounts of stock ties-up important working capital that could be used elsewhere in a merchant’s business. EazyStock helps overcome this challenge with an easy-to-use but powerful tool that improves forecasting accuracy, manages supply variances and automates replenishment.

Suppliers can also benefit from EazyStock. Whether they’re a manufacturer or a wholesaler, keeping inventory levels lean throughout the supply chain improves efficiency and cash flow. But to effectively optimise their stock levels, suppliers need to account for supply and demand variables, such as supplier lead times and demand volatility. EazyStock is an ERP app that easily connects with ERP systems, offering enhanced demand forecasting, inventory planning and stock replenishment functionality.”

Peter continues “Builders’ merchants and trade suppliers across Europe are already using EazyStock and seeing great benefits. We’re looking forward to engaging with the UK merchants industry and supporting with any inventory optimisation questions or challenges they may have”.

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